How to Write Short Stories

A short story is a great way to try your hand at creative writing. These steps will help you to write a short story that expresses your unique point of view. You Will Need: an idea, a pen, some paper, computer (optional but recommended)
Step 1


Come up with an idea for a story. Start with what you know; then move to what you don’t know to draw inspiration.

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Step 2


Gather your thoughts and write an outline. Develop your protagonist, or main character. Determine who you are writing about and how you want to tell their story.

Step 3


Write your story either on paper or using a computer. Create a problem that your protagonist has to solve. This problem may be internal or external.

Step 4

Add detail

Add details so that your story is one your readers care about. Use vivid descriptions.
Bring a notebook with you everywhere you go so you can write down ideas as they come.

Step 5


Include events that lead to a resolution of the problem. Resolve the story and enjoy the output of your creative energy.

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