Intro to Photography

This lesson is an introduction to the basics of photography. This lesson with introduce you to the idea of what a photograph is, to the people who use photography, and what different styles of photographs there are out there.
Step 1

What is photography?

To understand exactly what the word photography means, you can start by breaking down the word into 2 parts, ‘photo’ and ‘graphy’. ‘Photo’ is the Greek word for light. ‘Graphy’ means something along the lines of drawing. So photography can be thought of literally as ‘drawing with light’.

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Step 2

Types and Styles of Photography

The field of photography can be divided into three primary styles: art photography, documentary photography, and commercial photography. The different types of photography used today include digital photography, film photography, and motion photography.

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Step 3

Photography Style Examples

Ansel Adams is an example of an art photographer who specialized in landscape photography. Dorthea Lange created art photography who shot in a documentary style. Henri Cartier-Bresson was a documentary photographer who shot in an artistic style. Commercial photography examples include wedding photographers and fashion photographers. You can determine the type of photographer a person is based on the person who is paying for the photo.

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