Emoticons Usage in Social Media Marketing

If you are not sure whether emoticons are good for your business or not here are few tutorials which might change your mind about them. PS: they can help you grow your social media popularity and make you and your business look happier online.
Step 1

Understand the Power of Emoticons

Emoticons can make you popular on social media. Positive emoticons used in your tweets, status updates on Facebook, posts on Instagram will make your profile stand out. There is a strong link between emoticons and social power. Successful profiles of those who use emoticons have higher score on Klout.
The real secret behind them is the fact that subconsciously we react to them like we are speaking with someone face to face. This is a new form of communication that we are using and our brain is associating that with certain facial expressions. When we speak with someone, we pay attention to the persons face. The same thing is here. With emoticon usage you can trigger certain emotions and feelings in the person who is reading your text. This can dramatically improve your engagement on social media sites.
PS: pay attention on your smile while you are reading this because of the big picture of smiley emoticon ;)

Step 2

They are not so Professional for Workplace

For some companies this might be true. But since the emoticons are being used more and more, companies around the world understand the power of emoticons in their social media marketing and they use them. Companies are using them not only in social media, but also in emails. I know that business emails are supposed to be professional, but times are changing and with that our communication. Using emoticons creates special stress free environment in terms of communication and that is why that is good. Make sure that you use them, but not too much. Don’t say that it is not job to use them that is not professional. Social Media Marketing is created for you to connect with your followers in the best way possible, and using emoticons is one of the ways.

Step 3

Become more Friendly and Competent

Emoticons can help you in various ways. You and your company can look much more approachable if you use emoticons on social media sites. This can also make you look like you are confident and competent about your business. You are easy going but confident and that is why you use emoticons. They can even help people remember more easily what they read easily, because emoticons trigger cognition and this helps us remember stuff more easily.
If you are going to post a critique or give some feedback to someone on your profile, simply respond to a comment, emoticons will help you soften the blow to them. If a person receives a negative feedback with a positive emoticon, the person is more likely to perceive the feedback in a positive way and understand it more easily.

Step 4

Remove the negativity and create happiness

We don’t have the chance to share facial expressions and nonverbal language in our emails and that is why emails can be hard to interpret sometimes. They can even be perceived as negative since we don’t have the chance to do this. Emoticons can help us here. They can remove the negativity effect in email and help us deliver our message like in the way it was meant to be. The same message sent with and without smiley emoticon is perceived in a completely different way. Emoticons give your conversation much easier tone and reader can understand your message much better with them.
They create positive tone. They show enjoyment and personal interaction of the sender. Simply put, they remove negativity from online communication and bring happiness to it.

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