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So, I work in an office with about 20 other people. We are a tight knit group, and I am one of four women. We have a kitchen full of snacks, lunch gets brought in for everyone on occasion, some of us go out a couple times a month and then there is the monthly birthday cake BS.

I have come to terms with this and can get over not having all that food all of the time, but what is REALLY bugging me are the PEOPLE! Today I was harassed by 3 people for not eating ice cream and cake, and they all want to know why and its only a little, and come on its a birthday...BLAH BLAH

SO, what I would like from you all successful Slow Carbers who work with others, in the office or whatever, are some of your best lines to get out of the damn argument of why I am not eating crappy cake from Wal Mart.

I have found myself going into more depth than I am comfortable with about my new eating plan and such, and then I get angry for having to explain myself to the ignorant schmucks. I even ended an argument today with the following line: " I don't think cavemen baked bread!"


What are some of the things you say to your co-workers to politely turn them down and get them out of your face quickly? :)

  • Anna Wall commented Apr 12th 2017:

    Arguing tends to escalate. A simple "no thank you" should suffice. You don't owe anyone an explanation. \n


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Tell them you're off sugar. If they ask why, tell them it's poison and it makes you feel sick....walk away. That will make em think.

  • Erica Denise commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Wha'ts even MORE poison is he HFCS sodas they guzzle all day long! I haven't had actual soda in forever - I hate it actually

  • V G commented Jun 15th 2012:

    that's the perfect response - to say you're off sugar. that's what i do.

    pretty much takes care of everything (the more indiscreet ones may ask if it's diabetes, but generally people dont)

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I had this two days ago.

I said: "I have changed to a diet which gets myself into a certain metabolic state. It is all on schedule. If I eat now (or this) the whole thing does not work anymore.

That was enough, nobody asked more...

Hope this helps

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 14th 2012:

    Good one, Carmen. And if they say anymore than that, like I said, walk away.


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I'm sorry you are in that situation.

Just be honest, tell them, "I'm adopting a new healthier lifestyle and I would appreciate it if you would respect my wishes." If they keep on arguing with you or bullying/pressuring you, then, just walk away.

They just don't understand because they haven't done it themselves. Don't be pressured or bullied to eat something you choose not to. There are always going to be people like that, just politely tell them what's what. If they are still going on and on about it, then, just walk away or change the subject.

It may be my paranoid self, but I think people who are wanting to enable others whom they see are being strong and showing lots of willpower really want to have that same willpower themselves, but they can't/won't get to that point themselves.

I know it's hard, but I admire you standing your ground. YAY for embracing the slow carb lifestyle, don't listen to enablers like that.

Keep it up!

  • Rod True commented Jun 14th 2012:

    Quote: "It may be my paranoid self, but I think people who are wanting to enable others whom they see are being strong and showing lots of willpower really want to have that same willpower themselves, but they can't/won't get to that point themselves."

    I don't think you're paranoid, I think you've hit the nail on the head! I too think people can be like this along with being jealous. Sort of the "If I can't have it, no one will" attitude.

  • Erica Denise commented Jun 15th 2012:

    DITTO! It's like the saying "Misery loves company". If they are going to eat that crap they want someone else to wallow with! I wonder what percentage of folks today are in regret/guilt about the cake/ice cream from earlier? I ate 100% compliant today and did kettle bell after work and feel on top of the world. AND... Sunday is my guilt free day. Can't wait!

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Well, I'm not one to think negatively about people, but if they keep pushing and don't leave you alone, then you have to wonder...really? I really HATE enablers!

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Oh, and Miz, great job on staying 100% compliant and doing kettlebells today! WOO! And ya know what, you could always use your excuse, "I don't want to eat crappy WAL-MART cake." Ya know, if I am gonna eat cake it'd better not be from Wal-Mart!! Give me GOOD cake if I am gonna have cake...but only on my cheat/guilt-free day! ;)


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I'm not sure this will help you, but...

Long before I was slow carbing, I still ate healthy. Always brought my lunch to work...veggies, fruit, tuna...etc.

Tight knit group..like yours...

One day, at the cafeteria table a buddy of mine looks at me and my food (I think cafeteria pizza was on his plate) and says:

"you know...you eat like an a##-hole"

I guess I made him (and others) less enjoy eating crap...

We're still friends by BTW...

Keep doing what you're doing...

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Wow, that's not nice to say. Talk about having NO tact whatsoever. Geez. I'd have left the table at that point!

  • Abe Frohman commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Well...like I said...tight knit group. Rough crowd I guess...I can dish it out too...

    In the end we're still friends and I still eat "like an A-hole"...even more so now...haha!

  • Erica Denise commented Jun 15th 2012:

    This cracks me up! I work with mostly men and we dish it out to each other, so I get it. It was not meant to be rude, it was sarcasm but likely with a hint of guilt/jealousy on his part :)


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Sounds just like my little sister. I've only recently began seeing progress with this diet (6 lbs), and since the bloat is gone i've been looking and feeling better already :) When I choose to opt out of anything non-SCD friendly, I get a little speech about "any diet that stops you from eating anything is unhealthy".

Think of them as my little sister. They are only making a big deal about it because they're feeling guilty inside that they are eating cake while you're on the road to being fabulous!

Don't cave! Let them know that you feel great, and that you have absolutely no desire for sweets (even if that may be stretching the truth).

Best of luck!


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First of all- I feel with you and have been through the same misery myself.

Now, however, I've found giving any excuse with a giant smile will make everyone question me less. If you look like you're in great pain for craving that cake they'll naturally sense your weakness and go after it, but if you fire off a toothy smile and say something about slow carbing...or actually whatever reason that suits you at the moment they'll shut up. Be confident! It's reassuring and sexy.

Still though, there's moments where I feel like not saying anything about it, not explaining, not change my carbs for veggies at lunch etc and in those cases I'll just have whatever's offered to me and then play with my fork and eventually "forget" the food or look like I've had a bite or so. It's not a great way of getting around the issue but I work with customers and have to play the game sometimes.

I hope this helped a little. Don't forget to smile! :)

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 16th 2012:

    SMILE...it'll make them wonder if you are up to something. ;)


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Well, you could say "I'm alergic to getting fat! If I were to eat that cake, I'd start getting bigger and bigger and......"

Part of this is serious, part humor.

It's too bad people can't respect what you're doing. I've found 99% of the people I talk to about my change in diet and life style applaud me and my efforts.

You could tell them how much you've lost (exaggerate a bit.....it's ok :D ) and just tell them that you're not about to break your commitment to yourself and your goal.

  • Hyperzoomx 4hb commented Jun 14th 2012:

    tell them you have gluten allergies :) or don't be afraid to put a serious face and tell them that you simple don't want to eat cake. Sometimes people need to know limits to peer pressure. Good friend/colleagues wouldn't push that hard to make you eat cake. If they are, they deserve a stern NO...and then a smile and 'thank you' :)

  • Erica Denise commented Jun 15th 2012:

    The worst offender was a lady who counts WW points but has had zero results in 6 months. She also informed me that gluten is a vital nutrient and not eating it causes bad health. I think AKane and her Walk Away plan is spot on.

  • Karen Smock commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Arguing tends to escalate. A simple "no thank you" should suffice. You don't owe anyone an explanation.

  • Hyperzoomx 4hb commented Jun 15th 2012:

    Icandoit is spot on!

  • Erica Denise commented Jun 15th 2012:

    I agree Icandoit. I was super cranky yesterday, and some people just have no boundaries or tact. This particular person is REALLY bad. She can keep counting her WW points...meanwhile my skinny jeans are calling!

  • Karen Smock commented Jun 15th 2012:

    When did birthdays become all about the cake anyway?

    A trick I sometimes use is deflection.

    Carb pusher: "Here have some cake."

    Me: "No thank you. Hey, <birthday person name>, what are you doing to celebrate?"

    The pusher will look stupid to keep talking about cake instead of letting the focus be on the birthday person. By showing genuine interest in the person instead of the cake you don't look like you don't want to join in the celebration, you just don't need a big hunk of carbohydrates to do it.

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 16th 2012:

    Hear hear, Icandoit! :)


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Tell them you have an "allergy" to something that's in that food item. People will usually not touch medical excuses because of our "expert" driven and litigious society.


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Great post!!!

I live in the obesity capital on the world, so i got this reaction from almost everyone. People seem to want you to fail, to be just like everyone else.

Tomorrow i will have completed week 22. I'm not sure how far in it happened, but eventually they gave up. Now i get: "He cant have that, he's on a diet." = )

I used their efforts as motivation. The more i was pushed to eat junk, the more steadfast i acted.

I've talked to everyone i know about the book and the diet, but no converts yet.

BTW, when does "diet" become "this is the way i eat" ...

  • Maria Rider commented Jun 16th 2012:

    NOW? :) I think when you start going through the motions of preparing food and look at a menu at a restaurant and don't automatically want to order the most unhealthy thing on there and actually want to order slow carb. THAT is when it becomes "the way you eat now". I think once you adopt slow carbing as a LIFESTYLE and not a diet, it become easier. :)

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jun 16th 2012:

    Enrique, for me it came at around 4-6 months in, I think. By that time, I was feeling SO much better and I'd been doing it long enough that it was a deeply ingrained habit. I've been doing it 13 months now and I am sure that this is the way I'll always eat, for several reasons. 1. I simply KNOW too much now about the hazards involved with processed foods. I look at them and know they will contribute to making me sicker and fatter again. The appeal is not there. 2. I LOVE HOW I FEEL!!! My healing has been, really, nothing short of miraculous! (go to wheatbellyblog.com and put "gretchen's cheat day" in the search box of home page).

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jun 16th 2012:

    3. I LOVE THE FOOD!!!! I'm lucky in that I've always loved meats, chicken, fish, eggs, and all types of veggies. (AND beans, butter, olive oil, avocado and nuts!) I just never knew that accompanying those with fast carbs, even small amounts, would be a problem -- because I was focusing on calories back then, which I now know is ridiculous. 4. The addictions are gone. There are actually addictive properties in wheat and sugars. I'm off them and they no longer have power over me.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jun 16th 2012:

    5. When I have those fast carbs (grains and sugars), I feel like crap! They never did that as dramatically all those years before because it was a constant. Now that I'm off them, when I DO have them, my body says "HEY!! We've already identifiied this as a problem!!!" and it sends off all kinds of Red Alert alarms.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jun 16th 2012:

    6. I'm absolutely 100% certain that the right foods are more powerful than any medicines out there and that most of us who are overweight are actually malnourished because we don't get adequate nutrients in the processed foods and our guts are damaged from the years of abuse, so we can't absorb the few nutrients that DO pass through. I'm healing now, inside and out, and there's NO WAY I'll go back to what used to be "normal" for me and what is unfortunately "normal" for most Americans in terms of what we eat.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Jun 16th 2012:

    7. I also know now the basis of overweight: screwed-up hormonal communications that govern hunger, cravings, satiety, fat usage or fat storage. I know now that it's NOT about calories in vs calories out, and I know which foods straighten that all out and flip that switch from fat storage to fat burning or vice versa. I won't ever "un-know" that!!!!!!!!!!



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I just politely say "No Thanks" and if they insist (which is already a douchey move IMO) I reply, still politely: "For medical reasons" which is not at all a lie if you think of obesity as a disease ;).

  • Douglas Castro commented Feb 4th 2013:

    Also, if there's a situation where the pressure's even bigger I might bluntly lie and say that I am either diabetic (can't eat carbs), celiac (no gluten) or lactose intolerant... those 3 excuses should get you off the hook.


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For one thing, I know exactly what you mean as I worked in a place like that. Everything was a food celebration. Sit in your office chair all day and then join in for the catered lunch, the birthday cake, “sundae days”, etc. Food food food! It made me crazy! I felt the pressure and I joined in, that is also when I went from 135 lbs to 155 lbs within a year. I regretted it big time…have not been able to get back to where I was and even though I have since quit working there I have continued over the next 2 years afterwards to put on weight. So saying NO will only benefit you. Don’t be one to “give in” and regret it later on like I did! Stay strong!

A few things I did when I finally decided to stop joining in on the lunchtime binges, cake days etc (I was on the HCG diet at the time which is extremely restrictive!): Brought my own food and ate that while others ate their binge food, told people flat out I was trying to eat healthy and was not eating anything with sugar or carbs, stayed in my office at lunch or went “out” on my own and ate my food in my car or at a park. Another idea if you want to avoid the pressures of cake, tell them you are gluten free, although sometimes people will try to accommodate that. I also read someone elses suggestions of walking around with a piece of cake, break it with your fork, shift it around on your plate, and eventually dump it in the garbage when no one is paying attention lol

Either way, whatever you do, don’t allow the other bingers to pressure you. If you start keeping to yourself during the cake times they might get the hint and leave you alone. I found most people in my office were overweight, some extremely. Just keep reminding yourself why you are doing this and the end result will make you happy!


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Say that you're not down with poison - wheat and sugar - and that they can take their guilt trip elsewhere.

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