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Are women finding success with 4 Hour Body? Over at 4-HBTalk we are discussing this and the women are not seeing very good results. Any feedback you can offer? I read about Laura Cox on this site - way to go. She changed things up - no beans at main meals, no snacks. Look forward to your replies.


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If you focus on your scale weight, you will be discouraged. I have been on this diet for 6 weeks-scale weight indicates an average loss of about 1 lb. a week (I am small, was in normal range for both fat & weight before starting-but was really "skinny-fat"), however, the inches, body fat, & muscle changes are like I haven't seen before. The best part for me is that I have been sleeping better than when I had my first of 3 babies 18 years ago! Also, I have skied ever winter for the last 8 years and I don't remember a season when I felt as good as I do now (I'm 48). Lastly, while I started at "normal" weight/average bodyfat, I still had cellulite...on this diet, however, it is slowly melting away! I have not been without swim shorts for years, but I am quite sure this is the summer I will be confident enough to do without. Hang in there, you will see results if you stick it out.

  • Dawn Chapman commented Mar 15th 2012:

    I'm in my fourth week and like you am already in the "normal" weight/body fat range. Although the scale has not moved as much as I would like, I plan to stick with it for a few months. I'm a couple years older and was experiencing peri menopausal symptoms.... primarily night sweats that would wake me up drenched several times a night 3 to 4 times a week. Since I've been following SCD I haven't had a single episode. I feel better than ever and am enjoying sleeping through the night.

  • Singer Anna commented May 3rd 2012:

    Thanks for sharing! I'm on my second week and it's hard to see any progress except for somwhat more visible muscles. I think I will stick to the diet but cut out some legumes and do more poultry and veggies since that keeps me full but on a lower caloric intake.

  • Ken Moorhead commented Aug 12th 2012:

    Clandi - don't cut your calories girl! It will downshift your body's metabolism and make it hang on to fat at the expense of losing muscle. Feed yourself with the right foods and your body will gladly start burning fat.

  • Dana Costantino commented Dec 2nd 2012:

    Oh thanks to all of you! I have only done one week with moderate walking and see some extremely small changes with actual slight weight gain. I have been a bit discouraged and wasn't sure whether or not to stick it out. I hardly ate anything before so maybe my body is adjusting I just wanted to get stronger and leaner and snowboard with the boys this year!! Please keep the feedback coming, if you have any advice, please share!!

  • Sonic Debate commented Mar 30th 2015:
    I also would say focus on fat loss and not weight loss. I found the first few weeks on the diet I gained muscle and my body composition changed dramatically, but didn't lose weight at first. The total 14kg weight loss happened after that. If I hadn't been measuring my girth and also using fat percentage I probably would have given up.
  • Mia Leill commented May 4th 2015:
    I recommend avoiding the scale! Muscle weighs more than fat. I measure myself instead and track my progress that way. My thighs have gotten bigger but they are muscular so I don't let that discourage me. I eat all the time but our bodies need fuel for energy. I also workout in the gym (bodyweight) 5 times a week followed by walking a couple times a week :)
  • Karla Augert commented Jun 22nd 2015:
    So, is it ok to work out 5-6 days a week? The book suggests Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as the pre breakfast routine. I think, before I started the 4 HB, I would short myself calories and workout/run a lot and not see any changes. I believe I put my body into fat storage mode. I did my first 'cheat day' on Saturday, and I was sooo scared that the additional calories would add 50 lbs to the scale (I'm a scale watcher.... I know I shouldn't be). So far, the cheat day hasn't put me into an obese category. Any suggestions for an acceptable weekly workout would be appreciated. I'm really trying to just 'go by the book', but I find it somewhat confusing! Thanks

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I am in week 5. I have lost two inches in my hips and about 3-5 lbs. Here are some observations I made:

-weeks 1 and 2 are the most difficult in dealing with sugar withdrawls, carb cravings and discovering some phsycological addictions (for me- it's coffee)

-week 1 saw 2lbs of weight loss

-the day after cheat day is the most difficult day of the week for my husband and I. The first 3 weeks we had DGW Satuday following with Sunday non-SCD Breakfast. This is one of the reasons my weight loss has been slow. We are re-thinking our choice of DGW day, switching to Sunday to reduce this issue. I also should mention that my body went down to it's previous weight by end of monday, so i can say that cheat day weight is temporary.

-i drink 60-99oz of water a day...some days I have to be forgiving of myself when I dont but I truely think nothng will happen if the water is not there to flush it out. Tony Robbins says you should drink half your body weight in ouces and I agree.

-week 2 saw a huge improvement in sleep and energy though by 8pm i was exausted. (we are up by 530 and sometimes dont get to bed until 11pm-another item we have to work on)

-week 3 weight was up 1 lb. However, saw a huge improvement in my skin and in the weeks following I was better able to see what was hormonal acne vs. food related. I also noticed a change in the smell of my persperation, it's not as smelly.

-week 4 weight down 1lb and I saw the complete elimination of my exzema. I get it on my head and neck and chest. I know the gluten and the dairy were the main culprits but once they were out of my system it was very noticable. On DGW days, if I over-do the gluten or dairy, my chest starts to itch within an hour. I also got a facial this week and my esthetician said that the caffeine I drink (16oz iced americano w/ cream) almost daily is squeezing water from my skin. She said to eliminate it (I am still working on this)

-week 4 we introduced Betty Lou's Low Glycemic protein shake to our breakfast. I also started my period. While I did not weigh more, i was noticable bloated and generally felt oogy the whole week. I had a hard time with the cravings. My husband took pitty and brought me a pastry. Poor idea but I did not gain weight...however, I didnt lose any this week.

-week 4 also saw the wearing down of our resolved. we missed packing lunches and ended up having to eat out...still within the SCD but we were tired of prepping meals.

-week 5 weight down 2 lbs. I spent most of the weekend of weekend# 4 on my feet and walking. Previous to this, I did not work out. I think this is something I am going to incorporate into next week. I also got my husband to promise swimming trips 2-3 times a week. Our lakes are super cold still so I am hoping for a metabolic boost.

-week 6 goals...in bed on time, packing meals for the whole week, incorporating cardio, ditching coffee.

-week #7 goal is to start PAGG

  • Holly M commented May 24th 2011:

    Way to go and thanks for posting your observations, they will be very helpful for a lot of people!

  • Dawnchandler Enter last name commented Apr 14th 2012:

    thank you...it helped me....

  • Liz Allen commented Feb 18th 2013:

    thank you for posting this! have you kept with it all this time?


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I lost 19 pounds in the first 30 days on the diet (including one disastrous 5 pound cheat day gain so it was really about 24 pounds lost total). I went on vacation last week and gained 7 pounds, but have already lost 4 of them.

My portions are relatively small but my meal plan is not yet super hard core. I hope to lose 100 pounds in total so I'm still enjoying some things now that I will likely have to eliminate (or add) in order to continue losing over time. I haven't been taking supplements except vitamins and calcium - will add the PAGG later if needed. I cut down from 6-8 diet sodas per day to 3 or 4. Still trying to wean off of them. I cut down on dairy but have not totally eliminated it - occasionally have a little cheese for flavoring and drink 1/4 c of whole milk in the jug o'coffee that I've been using to replace my diet sodas. I don't eat egg whites - usually 2 whole organic free range eggs (sometimes 3 if I'm really, really hungry in the morning).

Tracking metrics has been very helpful. I've been weighing every day and measuring every week. One disappointing week I gained and lost the same pound for about 5 days, but when I measured on Saturday found I had lost several inches. I've also been taking photos of nearly all of my meals and uploading them to my blog. Nothing like potential public humiliation to keep one on the straight and narrow!

Most important - I don't eat anything like Kimmer's portion size of beans. Two massive cups of carbs every morning would make me GAIN 19 pounds instead of losing it! I only add in beans when I'm overly hungry, if I start to get the shakes, or if I begin to get a little brain fog. The portion size that works best for me is about 1/4 cup of one kind of legume.

Beans aren't actually required in the diet. In several interviews I've heard Tim Ferriss explain that they are allowed to help people stay on the diet over time (especially when traveling) and/or to combat strong hunger. Women especially need to be careful about eating too many beans - too many will kick us right out of ketosis.

I do see a positive correlation between working out (treadmill for 30 min) and losing weight. If I work out at night before going to bed, I almost always lose 3/4-1 pound. But I don't have the discipline yet to do it as often as I should. Instead I've been using the extra energy at night to work longer hours.

I'm sorry to hear that more women aren't having good success. Mine hasn't been too bad for a 44 year old mom with a very slow metabolism and an underperforming thyroid.

  • Katherine Chalmers commented Jun 4th 2011:

    I've been eating cottage cheese occasionally without a problem.

  • Natalia Land commented Aug 29th 2011:

    I'm beginning my 5th week and I lost 8lbs. and lost 2 inches from my waist and hips. I gain 2 lbs after cheating days so far. i was om my mestrual cycle all last week so it was hard to see much weight lost. I am looking forward to this coming week. I excercise 3 times a week. i started at 153lbs and today i'm at 147. i was 145 before Sat. (my cheat day) . My husband sees my body changing and is surprised of how much i can eat and stilll loose fat/weight.

    my goal is to get to 135 and keep the same eating habits. I'm 37 years old and 5'3. I know i will get there if i stick to it. I have to agree with the less breats tenderness during my period. Very happy with the results!!!

  • candace Yoffe commented Jun 4th 2011:

    That is great! Keep up the good work. I often wonder if the beans have hindered my progress. I need to cut them out for a week. I also wonder what would happen if I cut the beans and replaced them with my cottage cheese (which is allowed). I love cottage cheese.


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I think it all really depends on what kind of progress you are looking for. I am in week five of the plan, and I have lost about 4+ lbs. I am thrilled (THRILLED) with this cause I was working out like a dog every day for close to a year, and not budging. I mostly like it that I look so much more than 4 lbs lost. Lots of random peopple are coming up to me and making the "you lost weight" comments. It is really clear that I have MUCH less fat to grab around my body, and I have lost 2+ percentage points in fat. Also a bunch of inches, but nothing crazy. Either way, I LOVE it, I feel so good. Some mornings I forget to finish my coffee. Tons of energy. For me this is nuts and crazy. My husband (very slim, but getting more body fat as he ages) has adopted the high protein breakfasts and is losing off his belly and feels really good too.

I am going to be really patient, I know things are going in the right direction, and am on lower carb for the long haul. Just waking up post binge day and looking puffy and terrible (but happy!) reminds me that this is way healthier.

Also, I have never really been a super fast weight loser, and one pound per week for me is fantastic. All relative. Enjoy the ancillary benefits until you see the scale dropping.

  • Eva Ressler commented Sep 10th 2013:

    are you still working out?


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I'm going onto my forth week of 4HB and I'm down about 10lbs and definitively have lose inches. I'm only 5'3" and I started the program at 160; I'm down to 150, but my goal is 125/30. First thing to change for me is always my stomach; I can have a flat stomach, even abs and oblique muscles showing through, but my butt and thighs are still large and in charge. I've noticed slimming and toning of these areas too and hope it continues. I just purchased a fat calipers to more accurately assess my progress. I do exercise a great deal, as I always have. I do mostly cardio daily and supplements with other things a few days a week (e.g simple lower lower body exercises like air squats or lungs, resistance arm bands, and P90XAb Ripper Crunch Routine).

Other than these changes, I've noticed a good deal of other positive changes in my body. First, I have a great deal more energy and this helps to motivate more workouts and activity level. Second, my skin is great. I used to regularly have blemishes or pimples, but I've seen a significant reduction in this. Third, I've seen a reduction in the amount of cellulite on my legs. I don't know the reason for this, but I've never been able to decrease the cellulite on my legs, no matter how much weight I drop. I hope all of these positive benefits continue and I continue to lose weight.

Good luck all!

  • Holly M commented May 5th 2011:
    Yay, mandafigs! I have the same issue, great 6 pack, can hardly pinch 3mm bf on my abs but still have it on the back of my waist, bumm, backs of thighs. I recently incorporated T-Tapp 15 min. w/o...it's helping sculpt these areas.
  • Brooke Cervantes commented Aug 12th 2012:

    Can you tell me more about not having a lot of cellulite on your legs?


I lost 10 lbs the first month (I was already sort of small...just have a lot of body fat), onto the second month and my weight isn't budging. I'm making some changes this week, so we'll see what happens. My mother lost 10 lbs in the first week, she's bigger than me, so it's relative.


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I am 46 and have been on the diet for about six weeks now. I am 5'3'' and was about 190 pounds wearing size 16 pants when I started and I am now down to 170 pounds and my size 12's are loose. I lost more weight in the first 2 weeks than in the last 4, but still losing about a pound a week. However, I have not worked out at all!!! I plan on buying a kettle bell but haven’t yet. My goal is to get to 150, size 9, which is my lowest weight/smallest as a adult. As long as I am still losing I'm happy. I’ve been on many diet programs and usually stop losing after two or three weeks.


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I've lost 15 lbs in 10 weeks. There have been 2 major plateaus that were hard to get through, but I hung in there and after that there were fast drops that made it worth it. I think the book does not address the hormone fluctuations in women that mask weight loss at certain times of the monthly cycle. Hang in there through the plateaus and then you might find that you drop several pounds in a couple days after a plateau. Graphing a visual chart helps a lot psychologicaly to see the overall downward trend even thought there are a lot of ups and downs day to day. I use Google spreadsheets with the graph "gadget", very easy.

  • doolah doolah commented Sep 16th 2011:

    Thnaks for the google graph gadget idea!


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I am almost on week 2, and I have lost 10 lbs. I am a big girl with alot to lose, which is why I think I've lost so much the first 12 days. I gained 5 lbs on my cheat "weekend." This week, it will only be a cheat day!

I will be measuring myself tomorrow morning at the actual 2 week mark to see how many inches I've lost, if any. I am pretty confident that I have, as my jeans are feeling a bit loose.

I am still new to all of this, but I am seeing and feeling great results. I am quite happy with it, and the fact that I have absolutely no cravings and I'm never hungry is an added bonus. Food has had control over my life for the past 30 years. NO MORE! Now I am in control of what is put into my mouth, and I'm loving the results!


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I am a woman and just started the 4HB diet. I will let you know how it goes for me in the next month or two. I am committing to an entire 4 weeks, so I should have some sort of results to report at the end of it!

  • Jaimi Dawson commented May 16th 2011:
    I'm starting tomorrow as well and am convinced to give it 4 weeks.. Of coarse a man designed it, So it's only obvious this diet would benefit the men better ! Ive already made some chicken stir fry and chicken chili for my week of meals..Good luck !!
  • S A commented Sep 16th 2011:

    How did you do on 4HB? I'm on my fourth week and looking to compare results...


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I'm a total newbie, but typically women have MORE indoctrination into the Diet Industry's BS and thus possibly more prone to tweak Tim's program before testing it properly.

As a newbie here a 4hourpeople, I read many posts and have noticed the SCD "Common Mistakes" that look like "underdoing DGW day" and "overdoing the Gym", as well as not timing measurements/weigh ins with menstrual cycle.

The calories in/calories out Mighy Equation of dieting (page 101) is very pervasive. Since reading 4HB, I see this Doctrine of the Mighty Equation everywhere.

Doesn't that make it difficult to just eat the beans, greens, and protein without micromeasuring/tracking foods? Doesn't that Equation of Doom make it so tempting to hit the gym a little harder the few days after the scle eeks up post DGW day? So, how could downing 4,000 calories really get ME to my goal?

I wish us gals all the best!



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Did the diet for 7 weeks and lost a total of 2 lbs!!!!

I did lose some inches, but overall I'm very discouraged because it seems that everybody has been losing at least a lb a week or in the beginning a large number of lbs. I then thought I had to reach the 4-6 week mark for it to kick in since Tim mentioned for women it takes longer. Week 7 I didn't lose a lb or an inch! So I've kind of given up on this working for me

  • Jillianne Roach commented May 4th 2011:
    why dont you ask a questin with what your diet has been like so we can try to help you!
  • Lauren M commented May 19th 2011:
    i'm in the same boat @landau30, so i'd love to hear a bit more about what you're doing/etc
  • KT Arnesen commented Sep 5th 2012:

    Hi - I am on week 7 and i'm 48 - I am in menopause so I think it's a bit different. If you aren't having success I would suggest skipping a binge day or two. I have found it difficult to recover from those. I am going to try binging once a month. So far- i have only lost about albs which is GREAT for me but I would like to get over this plateau.


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I am on week 5, have lost 10 lbs. I have not done any of the extra things like lemon or cinnamon, etc. Just the regular eating plan (not watching my protein that much at breakfast--it's probably not enough), working out 4 hours/week and the cheat day (LOVE it!). Hang in there and try other things if it doesn't work for you!

  • Lauren M commented May 19th 2011:
    did you do the PAGG?
  • candace Yoffe commented May 24th 2011:

    Did you do the PAGG?

  • Wanda Weaver-Hourigan commented Oct 12th 2012:

    I was on this last year lost a total of 30 lbs yes I used the suppliments but I also measured upper arms, bust, waist, hips and thighs every week on Thursdays night with free day being free day. I wouldn't look at measurements from week before until I went to compair ( kept the old ones in my phone) after the first few weeks the inches became more of a focus than the pounds. I was interested in slimming down and that was getting rid of fat! It was a trade off as long as I lost weight or inches.. Eating the same thing for lunch and dinner every day. Measuring was the key for me I was blown away that I could loose 3 to 6 inches total but the scale didn't change! It's all about how you feel and your clothes fit! I went down 3 sizes!!


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After just one week on SCD I lost 3-3.5lbs (different scales at different houses), and 4.5" from my overall inches. I'm very pleased so far and today is my first cheat day! My results might have been better in the first week if it wasn't my TOM, so I'm looking forward to the next 2 weeks.

So far I don't do the PAGG/AGG, I do KB swings 2x per week, 1-2 spin classes per week, and normal daily movement (walking around, cleaning, etc). I also have been having 1/4c blueberries with my SCD breakfasts after seeing that some women have not cut out berries.


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My husband and I decided to start this diet about 2 weeks ago. Both of us are in decent shape at average weights and 27. I also am a momma-of-1. Since having my daughter 3 years ago, I've been pretty focused on trying to stay in shape, but fall victem to yo-yo diets, and then loosing complete control. I really needed to find something that felt good and works.

Week 1 on the diet was rough, I felt overly exhausted all week and also had a lot of trouble sleeping.

Lost 5 lbs within the first week. Following my first cheat day, felt very discouraged because I gained all of the weight back.

Week 2 on the diet energy levels got MUCH better. Sleeping better and have more energy during the day. Face acne has improved slightly. Feel very postiive compared to week 1 and prior to starting the diet. Have not weighed in this week (as recommended for *that time of the month*) as I don't want to become discouraged but I'm feeling leaner. My stomach feels much more muscular. I have a feeling I'm going to love the results of this diet, as I much prefer the look of "lean" to skinny. Have not implemented much exercise although I do have a standing desk, and I do a 2 - 3 mile walk/run throughout the week. Oh and I have a toddler - enough said. haha

Noticed a drastic change in my husband during week 2. He always has a nice build, but he's leaning out a lot already.

Looking forward to implementing some exercise, and can't wait to see my results a few weeks from now ANyone have recommendations on effective exercise? Becoming pretty addicted to the feeling of positivity that this diet brings. When I initially started it I thought, well I'll just do it for 30 days. I don't know, I feel so good I feel like this will easily adapt into a lifestyle.


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I am a 28yr old woman, 5'3". I started at 142lbs with an annoying paunch and none of my clothes fit anymore. Week one I lost 3 lbs and noticeably shrank my belly. Week 2 I lost an additional 2 lbs and began seeing definition in my upper body. I'm midway through week 3 now and all of my clothes fit again. As of my last weight in I am 137lbs, but I'm more impressed by the way my body looks and how my clothes fit rather than the number on the scale. My key focus on SCD is to get 30g protein every morning at breakfast and so far that has worked well for me. I also do kettle bell swings three times a week. I'm looking forward to seeing further fat loss and muscle definition in the coming weeks. Stay motivated ladies!!! ;)



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Hi everyone, I'm beginning the SCD today. I am 35, 192.7 (I am usually around 188 but due to start in 2 days), 5'7", 3 kids and been yo-yo dieting for years. I'm pretty sure my metabolism is shot. I currently do not excercise much but plan to incorporate it ASAP. I am hoping to lose around 30 lbs, maybe 35. I'm really hoping this works because it really seems like a very "do-able" plan and it's bed time now and don't feel hungry!

  • Lauren Potempa commented Mar 22nd 2015:
    How long did you stay with the plan and how did you do? I'm starting tomorrow and your starting measurements are the closest to mine.


Only 4 lbs in almost three weeks, so my results are not what I was hoping for either- BUT I do feel good, lots of energy, not as hungry. I will stick it out another couple of weeks because of what I have heard about women's bodies taking longer to respond. The three weeks prior to this program I had lost four pounds just counting calories, staying away from white foods, eating whole grains and a little fruit, but I was hungrier and felt tired. In conclussion, the jury is still out.


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I have been doing it for 3 weeks now and the progress has been rather moderate, lost 3 lbs (1.5 kg). but i think it's ok and im happy for the result. however, as a super nice extra, my facial skin has become perfect :) loving it!


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I am at the close of week 3, and i have not lost a pound or an inch. this is especially tough for me as i am a vegetarian; i DO know there are some things i was doing wrong that i'm tweaking - i had been eating popcorn and corn chips, that's a no no. also, not enough water, so i'm upping that. i'm on week 5 of 30 g protein up waking up, no results. it's frustrating but i'm committing to at least 6 weeks, and i haven't been working out due to a leg injury. i have been sleeping GREAT and my mood and energy are much improved. my skin looks great and my depression is gone. gonna try some kettle bells shorty.

  • Lauren M commented May 29th 2011:

    hi miracles. i'm almost in your same boat.... not on the vegetarian (though i was vegan) but in that i'm not seeing any changes. i committed myself to it for 6 weeks but today was my 4th cheat day. 2 weeks left and nothing so far. have you had any progress or moments of eureka since 9 days ago when u posted?


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I have been on a modified version (only eating the breakfast, cutting back sugar, no milk) of this diet for 4 weeks and I have lost 7lbs. I have more energy and feel more alert. Breakfast sticks with you, but if you don't drink enough water, you will feel bloated and constipated. Make sure you do that! I work out for 20 minutes every 2 or 3 days, usually doing the kettlebell swings with the homemade kettlebell from the book. I am down a pants size and see more muscle definition. I would love to get rid of the cellulite on my thighs, but the smaller clothes are great too. :-)

  • Lauren M commented Jun 3rd 2011:

    could you explain what you mean by modified? are you eating fruit, grains, etc? and basically just having a SCD breakfast?


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I have lost 5.8 lbs of fat after three weeks of the SCD. I use a bioimpedance scale and keep a spreadsheet that calculates pounds of fat versus total pounds, and I don't really look at the total weight number lost (probably near the same - may 6.5 lbs total). I was really discouraged by Tim's blog that women shouldn't complain about not loosing weight at the same rate as men, but let's face it - almost all of us know men who can drop 10 lbs simply by drinking less beer and walking one flight of stairs a day. We're just different.

The nice thing I've noticed so far is that the diet is easy to stick with - simple rules, and one day a week that I don't have to worry about rules. There's no more "can't have that", there is only "can't have that until Saturday". I always gain weight after cheat day (when I typically binge on sugar), so I am now in the habit of not weighing myself on that day.

I also had some problems in the first week - really, really tired, sometimes dizzy and weak. I simply wasn't eating enough. I bought a bag of raw almonds and would portion a few out for myself throughout the day. Worked great. I'm hoping to get an exercise schedule worked out next to go to the next level.


I am on week four and while the scale has moved about 12 lbs - my clothes are showing it.

Yesterday at work was the first day someone commented that I was losing weight. This week I am going to make sure my bean intake isn't too much & add a little more to my workouts other than kettlebells.

Another plus is the congestion I have had for the last 6 years is gone, I am sleeping better & loads of energy. If it's not working I would just make sure to keep a food journal and tweak it until you see changes. Hold tight, he said it could be between 4 & 6 weeks before women see changes.


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I think for women the "Eat all you want of beans, meat, veggies" can be difficult. Since we are smaller our daily intake for fatloss simply has to be less than a man. If you eat 2500 cal a day as a woman there is no way you'll lose weight. Some of your fat might turn into muscle, but you wont actually lose lbs.

What I've been doing recently is filling half my plate if not more with veggies and then leaving the rest for beans/protein. It does wonders for my digestion and really makes things move along.


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I did it for 8 weeks and only lost 6.5 lbs total and maybe 4 total inches. Before that, I lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks just by tracking calories thru The Daily Plate. Both were with no consistent exercise, and if I did exercise it was very mild and brief.

After reviewing 8 weeks of what I consider to be uninspiring results, I pretty much abandoned the Slow-Carb this week and went back to tracking calories, even though it's kind of a burden. I also started taking Pilates Reformer classes daily two weeks ago. I've already lost 4 lbs this week, not sure yet about inches because I measure/take photos on Saturday AM's. Finally got a BOSU and plan to add in Tim's ab routine and 30 min of moderate intensity cardio a few times a week and see how that goes.

Anyway, that all leads me to my next personal weight loss experiment....to hybrid some of the Slow Carb principles I enjoyed with tracking calories. High protein breakfasts within 30 mins of waking, only whole grain carbs if I'm having them at all, beans, lots of water, monitoring how many grams of sugar I'm consuming, eating at regular intervals, etc. But I'm still going to eat whatever the heck I want within reason one day a week! I've found that the biggest dilemma I have when it comes to tracking calories is that I'm very opposed to "diet" foods with all the chemicals and fake sugars and whatnot to make it taste OK, but the caloric load of the "whole" foods (unprocessed, or minimally processed) ends up being too much for my daily recommended intake! Guess I'll have to create some of my own low cal, whole food recipes :)

I wish all the 4HB Ladies the best of luck in their body recomposition journeys! Never give up because you CAN do it, whatever "it" is for you personally! Celebrate the little victories every day, and before you know it a little adds up to a lot!

  • Holly M commented Apr 9th 2011:
    Way to be your own body hacker & congrats on your 4 lb. loss this week!
  • Joy McHargue commented Sep 15th 2011:

    interesting note: 4HB allows NO grain at all except on DGW day- wonder if this was a problem for her loss?


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I am in my second week of 4HB. I am still settling into the changes in eating but overall feel more energy (was very tired first week - draaaging) and am losing weight (5 lbs). I am 5'11", 190 (185 now) and fit, physically active. My initial goal is 164 and final 155. Bodyfat was 28.6 and now 27.7 (escali scale). I am very pleased there is a women's forum because I know it will be more helpful for me. My biggest challenge so far is drinking enough WATER!!! Also, I am glad to read that other women have experienced the sudden heat, I was wondering if I was becoming pre-menopausal (am 47). Can someone tell me what the heat flashes indicate? I have a question about lemon in water - I thought that was solely for cheat day to minimze the spike in blood sugar fom eating simple carbs? Thanks:-)


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I'm only on my 3rd day of this diet and I've gotten headaches and some dizziness a couple hours after lunch. I'm not hungry at that time though. This morning I was sooo tired that I could hardly do anything! Anyone know what this is about?

Also, I'm having trouble with breakfast. I just can't eat that much. This a.m. I had a 3-egg omelet w/ spinach and some bacon and beans. I can hardly finish breakfast. I'm only eating 3 meals per day and find that I'm not hungry at mealtime. I also feel bloated and bigger.

Thanks for any input you may have!


  • Katherine Chalmers commented Jun 4th 2011:

    The first week is tough. You may feel lousy as your body comes off the sugar and you begin to burn off the extra glycogen stores.

  • Amber Thomas commented Sep 26th 2011:

    I'm sure by now you have figured this problem out (at least I hope so!) but that sounds symptomatic of low blood sugar. I had this issue every once in a while too, and I've found that one tsp of all natural peanut butter is just the boost my body needs to set it back to normal. Also, try a SCD approved quiche or something else a bit lighter in the morning. You're still getting just as much protein (with similar amounts of eggs and veggies that I tend to throw into mine) but it doesn't hit your stomach as hard. Good luck!

  • Marie-Claude Dugal commented May 23rd 2011:
    Hi Biegs! Try a breakfast made of 2-3 egg whites and one whole egg, you get a lot of protein and less fat from the yolk (even if it's good fat) and cut the bacon maybe? I wouldn't be able to eat this every morning either. spinach and beans are perfect.


I am not seeing a change in weight but I feel better, energy wise. I also had decided to nix the beans after lunch time. Thought the carbs at night may be hindering the weight loss. My problem is not getting hungry after my slow carb breakfast. Is anyone else not getting hungry?

  • Kaye Rey commented Nov 8th 2011:

    i did before. just eat more :)


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I did the diet for only 3+ weeks back in the summer and lost a total of 8 lbs. and 8+ inches. I am within normal to low fat percentage range for my age, height, weight, etc. which I thought this would keep me from seeing any progress quickly but I was wrong. That being said, I have not had any children and am in my late 20's so that doesn't put me in the bracket that Tim has said is known to see little progress in the first 6 weeks. I did however, have a lot of fatigue during my 3 week stint and only stopped because I was doing a 2-week workshop that would require very intense physical activity consistently and I did not want to have trouble. I am now getting ready to give it a 2nd shot starting in a few days. I'm hoping to have similar success and less impact on my energy levels. We'll see : )

Everyone is different and experiences different things with this diet. The reason I joined this forum was to get better informed as it is also a great way to get assistance from others who may have similar reactions to the SCD. Best of luck to you!


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I find that the portions are big to have 30 g of protein every meal.. It does keep me full though... Do you think if yu eat too much you will gain weight?

Here is my typical breakfast:

2 egg whites, 1 whole egg

1 cup beans

1 cup lentils


Spinach salad

4 slices of turkey bacon

1 tomato

1 avocado

2 hard boiled eggs


Stir fry with lots of beans

Any thoughts?

  • Mary Compton commented Mar 20th 2012:

    What do you sue for salad dressing?


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I have been very sucessful im 55yrs and im 5"11 altogether iv lost 33pounds i have 3 more pounds to my goal weight. i have been on SCD since the end of october. so 6 months but i also was using splenda with everything so didnt lose it as fast as i could have. i stopped using splenda and started lose again. now am on the LM and have been for three weeks first week i was eating way to many nuts 1/2 a cup way to much:( so went down to 1/4 cup still wasnt losing so cut them out all together and lost 3 pounds. weighed my self last sat and gained two pounds why you ask PEANUTBUTTER!!!!! a no! no! and i didnt even have to get on the scale to know i could see it in my body so got rid of the peanut butter back on track and i know i will lose this week :)


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I am finishing my second week and have lost 8 pounds so far. I have been trying to lose weight for years and I couldn't lose more than a couple of pounds before I got so hungry I just gave up. I was hungry all of the time on Weight Watchers. I think I would've lost more weight but I started my period at the beginning of the second week and I had a couple of cheats involving dark chocolate covered almonds. Another benefit of this diet seems (for me at least) no breast tenderness during my period. That alone makes this diet worthwhile.


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I've been on this diet 8 weeks and I've lost 15lbs. I feel like I've lost the same five pounds for a few weeks now because of cheat day. Today I'm changing cheat day up a bit to see if I can keep from gaining quite so much. My daily diet pretty much consists of beans with eggs for breakfast then beans with either chicken or steak for lunch then meat and veggies for supper. In the last few days I've also added in drinking a lot more water and that seems to be helping. Experiment Experiment Experiment!


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I am 40, 2 small children, on the diet 8 weeks. Haven`t cheated once (except on cheat days). No exercise. I am down 2 dress sizes (UK 16 to UK12) and 7 kgs (174 to 167).

I eat: Protein pancake and spinach

Tuna and white bean salad or chicken and lentil salad

meat/veg stir fry

Pretty much every day. I snack on ....well ... meat really or an extra portion of salad/stir fry.

Drinks are black coffee and one diet coke, glass of red wine and loads of water.

I am now starting exercise, to see what happens, as the weight loss is slowing and I also want to tone up now.

All my clothes are loose ....

I find the diet very easy, as I work from home and can cook what I need, when I need it. When we go out I just order extra veg. My husband is thinking of starting it too as he can`t believe how much I have changed. The only problem is occasional ketosis breath, not pretty.

I can`t see me going back to carbs ... I like the cheat day, but I use it to eat chocolate, and the occasional slice of toast ... but pizza, pasta? Nah, not interested any more!


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Newbie here. 1 week in. I was stoked to find out I lost SIX lbs!!! Then I had my cheat day and weighed myself the next day...GAINED ALL SIX BACK! Worried about the cheat day now. I will come back and post again when I've got more than 1 week in but for me a 6lb loss in one week was pretty great. 36 (almost 37) 1 child. Yoyo dieter, apple shape, work out about 3 times a week, usually one or two hikes a zumba class and or treadmill. Gonna read more of the book...oh and get a tape measure.


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Can you use this diet to "maintain" a healthy weight, even if you don't nec. want to lose a lot? I feel I am in a reasonable area of weight, but I'm tired of being hungry all the feckin time. Any thoughts?


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Yes, works well with little effort. I have a steady loss of around 1kg per week and not OVERdoing the kettlebells & cardio... ;-)


Before starting 4 Hour Body, I took the measurements Tim recommended, but really wish I would've taken my pre-program measurements of my ankles (I have pretty thick ankles) and my bra band number (fat has crept in that area over the years and has been hard to get rid of). My ankles look a bit slimmer today, and the bra band area feels smaller. I measure (and weigh) once a week the day before cheat day, so I have a couple of days to use scientific proof (instead of my perception!) with the tape measure to see how things really have been going. I'm 41 and have 3 kids and am approaching week 4 of the program, and I'm hopeful I'll have weight loss that I can maintain for a lifetime! I am on week 2 of some exercises (the "flying dogs", kettlebells, and "2 legged glute activation raises) and I'm hoping to the same results that Fleur B. in the book did, spending a fairly small amount of time on exercise.


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I am 54 and overweight: 5'3 and 177 lbs when I began 4HBD 3 weeks ago. I have lost 3 lbs and 1 in. I go to the gym twice a week and do Tim's workout. I follow the diet word by word. I don't remember where I read that he recommends to not exceed 300-350 calories per meals although he also says to not watch calories. For us women pre- or post-menopause I believe we always have to watch our calories intake. Good idea though to reduce beans amount at night. I drink lots and lots of water, and I began PAAG last week. So far no results to report. This week I was back to my pre "cheat day" weight (saturdays) on tuesday. Happy so far. Feel lots of energy, no hunger. I will go for the long run. I hope I will see better results on weeks 7 and ahead. My goal: 136 LBs. or size 8.

Good luck everyone ....


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YES! It does work. 4 wks - 12 lbs - 5 inches off my waist to sat the least. I detailed my progress in this Blog Post


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I see this was started back in January, 2011, so hope people are still posting! I've been on SCD since September 2011 and have lost 30 lbs. to date. During this time, I have not departed from SCD at all. I've gone from size 16+ to size 10 jeans and size 12- jackets. I have tried different things to speed up the weight loss--fasting the day before cheat day, fasting the day after, not eating after 3 pm, etc., all things suggested on this forum. Nothing has really resulted in a faster rate. I do kettle bells four mornings a week max, but it is not an overly heavy workout. I do a lot of stretching, then maybe 100+ swings and some deadlifts and rows.

I agree that water is essential. I always get 3 liters and try for 4 liters, but that's almost impossible. I have 30 g of protein for breakfast and several servings of veggies and 1/4 c. lentils. Lunch is baby spinach, a small avocado, 1/4 c cottage cheese, 1/4 c. lentils. I don't eat much after that altho' lately I've tried a couple of eggs and onions late in the afternoon. I've gone weeks without wine but doesn't seem to matter. Also, I stick to red, but white doesn't affect me badly. Cheat days, I have a lot of sugar, starch and try to drink 4 liters of water.

I'm postmenopausal so that undoubtedly plays a role. I'm delighted with my smaller size but need to lose another 20-25 lbs. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Katie Jester commented Aug 21st 2012:

    I Spent the last 6 years on a low calorie diet with at least a half hour of cardio 5 days a week, and now I'm down to no cardio and 20 mins of toning 3 days a week and my diet has COMPLETELY changed from what it used to be. Does anyone think that changing so much so quickly could cause this diet to not work right away because your body is "confused" and is adjusting to such big changes?


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Im curious to know of you girls that have realized significant fat loss- if you are also implememnting the other-non-diet techniques- like the adding lemon to water, ice packs, cinnamonin coffee etc?

(same with those that are NOT seeing significant changes)

  • Holly M commented Apr 25th 2011:
    Pixelpusher, yes to all those, except I think when I added lemon to water daily, it hindered me so I recently started using grapefruit extract drops to my water instead with better results.


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I am 24, 5'10" with a start weight of 190. This is my 4th week on SCD and I've (incredibly!) lost 18.5 lbs. In the past year I had put on about 15lbs and prior to SCD was really overeating (lots of white carbs, dairy, processed food - essentially the opposite of SCD), which is why I think the first 15 came off so easily. It's interesting because I am without a doubt eating more in a day than I ever have before. I guess I'm just eating more of the RIGHT things :)

While I haven't exactly been taking measurements, I marked a piece of ribbon with my measurements and the inches are definitely coming off!

My biggest concern is that when I have my cheat day on Saturday it usually takes me until about Weds to get back to where I was Sat morning (in terms of my weight and the way my clothes fit - but again, not taking exact measurements). And i don't even feel like i'm going THAT wild on cheat day. Even though the weight is definitely still coming off, I really only have a couple of days a week to enjoy my progress :) I'm going to try cutting my cheat day this week and move to bi-weekly.

Congrats to everyone on their progress so far!!


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I hit the 6 week mark today. I haven't weight myself in at least a year (messes with my head), so I'm going by inches. To give you an idea, I started as a size 20 and I've dropped to an 18. I was hoping to be a 16 by now, but I'm trying to be patient (ooooooh, it's so hard to be patient).

I've lost about 2.5 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hips, about 2 inches off my bust.

I'm trying to focus on being patient and consistent. The closest I've come to cheating at ALL on regular days was put tiny little bit of pepper corn sauce & A1 on a steak I had a few days ago (Seriously, guys, I was at dinner with my pops and we were out seeing a Broadway show. Special occasion!) Other than that, I've been absolutely strict and it's really not bad!

The Cheat Day really makes it for me. If I have to be perfect every single day with no break, I'll feel defeated right away. But I can hold til Saturday or Sunday for a treat, no problem.

I managed to switch to black coffee (or I add some cinnamon) and I'm shocked that I've gotten used to it.

Breakfast: Black beans, 2 eggs, some egg white, spinach

Lunch: Either grilled chicken over spring mix and some avocado w/red wine vinegar and olive oil OR turkey bacon spiced red lentils

Dinner: Which ever meal I didn't have for lunch.

Most of my exercise is just walking or sometimes I do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Sometimes I take cinnamon in the morning- try to do some lemon juice on cheat days and I eat my 4hb breakfast on cheat days. LOTS of water. I haven't done the air squats thing on cheat days yet, because I'm usually out somewhere and there's nowhere to...ya know...air squat. I can't afford the PAGG stack, so that's not happening.

Anyway. My goal is mainly to stick with this for at least 3 months (at least, but really I'm thinking 6) and see what happens. If I make my goal about weight or size I'll just psyche myself out of it.

So yeah. Enough rambling. Nice to see everybody else's progress.

  • Ruby T. commented Nov 30th 2012:

    I am 34 years old. I went for my Dexa Scan (so awesome) and I had 46.6% bodyfat. I was shocked. I don't actually look "obese". I weighed 212 at the start which was this week and I have already lost 4 pounds in 4 days.

    I am not snacking and following the diet to a T.

    I think one of the reasons that women who don't do well on this diet don't do well is actually because they eat too little and cut out too much fat. The idea behind this diet doesn't fit traditional dieting mantras. But just like anything, it is an experiment and what works for you, you should do.


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I'm down 6 lbs in 3 weeks, which I'm fine with. This has been unbelievably easy to follow. A few things: I was diagnosed with anemia a few months ago after several years of not-meat-eating, so I'm opting for red meat every chance I get. I am fairly sure (not retested yet, but much better energy) that my anemia is better. Also, I had a chronic sinus infection for three months that two rounds of cipro and asstd homeopathic tricks couldn't knock out - it's gone now (could well have been anemia-related).

So I'm eating hamburger (no bun, etc.) for breakfast sometimes, or eggs & bacon. Lots of legumes throughout the day, particularly if I start carb-craving, though I might choose brussel sprouts for example. My meal proteins are typically red meat or pork. I tried whey protein for breakfast but... not even close to as satisfying. I think better to have a few hardboiled eggs and salsa with some legumes - that's quick even if not *quite* 30g. Frankly with a big protein-rich breakfast, I'm feeling full for 5-8 hours at a time, so I am not snacking either.

The cheat days have been weird. The first one was like being hit in the head with a hammer, I felt HORRIBLE from just yogurt/granola/fruit for a 2nd meal (which used to be normal). The second one lasted 3 days, due to stress making it hard to give up comfort-eating and, frankly, celebratory "it's over!" drinking once I began it (and is why I'm fine with the -6 lbs). So this third one I'm trying a period of 2 weeks between cheat days. I feel like I need to be careful about the cheats just simply so I can eat simple carbs and still feel well enough to enjoy myself. I do start feeling carb-depleted after about 9 days though, so I might try a 10-day cycle depending on how this goes.

  • Ruby T. commented Nov 30th 2012:

    I guarantee you it is the fact that you cut out dairy that helped your sinuses. Many people have milk allergies that present as sinus problems. #funfact!


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Not so much an answer but a question to someone's post.....cutting back on legumes?? I just got back from the grocery store with 15 bean soup, the beans are soaking right now....I must've misread something, I thought we were supposed to eat MORE legumes....please help!!!!!


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I have only been on the diet for 7 days. I started out 276 so I have a LOT to lose. This week I lost 10 pounds. I tried to follow it as closely as possible. I struggle with the breakfasts being so large, but then I watched a video with Tim making breakfast and I realized I didn't need the volume that I had seen posted by online food photos. He only had about 2 eggs topped with salsa and some spinach with some flax seed oil. No beans for him. After implementing this, I was actually able to eat lunch at a normal time. For my other meals I have been eating large! Lots of meat, veggies, and beans! Only on one day was I feeling hungry, but that day I didn't have breakfast until an hour after waking. I am taking the supplements PAGG and drinking lots of water with lemon. I hope I continue on the weight loss trend. I haven't had any side effects. I kind of get hot in the evening at night and some of my autoimmune problems have started to appear better (I have celiac and have rashes and my skin used to welt up and itch when I scratched it - but not so much anymore).

  • Kim Savage commented May 24th 2011:

    Congratulations on the weight loss! 10 pounds is fabulous! Don't forget to take before and after pics, we all want to see! YOU GO GIRL :)))

  • doolah doolah commented Sep 16th 2011:

    I get hot suddenly too! Any idea what that indicates? I am in my second week and noticed this side effect recently.

  • Dara Enns commented Feb 4th 2013:

    It's your metabolism burning fat.


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Female power!! haha, I am glad that someone brought this up because I think this diet works very differently for men and women.

I am female, 6' tall and started the diet at 165lbs (normal weight but not ideal). I have been on the diet for just over 4 weeks now and am feeling a little blah about my body. I have lost a whopping 3.5lbs (goal is 12-15lbs). I measured 2 weeks ago and had lost a few inches in my arms and waist but nearly nothing off my thighs.

I'm not sure why I am moving so slowly with this. I have done a complete 180 in the way I eat, pay attention to food and how i act when presented with a table full of treats. I just feel like my body should be reacting more aggressively to the changes. I am going to start the "Perfect Posterior" this week so hopefully that will help.

Side not on the beans. They totally saved me! There was a week that I was eating plenty of protein but only getting about 1200 calories in a day. I was exhausted, I was cranky, never in "the mood" and would fall asleep on the couch right after work. My boy friend was feeling the exact same way at the time and when he mentioned that he felt like he was not eating enough calories it dawned on us. We opened up "The 4 Hour Body" and read about tracy who switched her breakfast up to include beans and viola! Weight loss. Anyways, long story short, I added in more beans and calories and feel like a new woman (even if I the numbers on the scale are not moving in the direction I want them to be).

Thoughts on this ladies? How long do we stick to this before we just try the next thing? I feel great on the diet and love the idea but if I am not getting results then something has to change....


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I have been on this diet for about 2 weeks now without much weight loss on the scale. I am definitely going to stick with this diet though because I am starting to see muscle showing around my abs. The biggest and most awesome change ever is the result on my thighs. I have always had cellulite no matter what shape I am in or how much exercise I do. For the first time in my life, I can actually see the cellulite going away on my thighs. I am 36 and have had two children and I will absolutely continue this diet for my thighs alone. WOW!!

  • Lucy Flynn commented Jun 16th 2011:

    Fat loss. Cellulite is just fat. As the total fat goes down, so does cellulite. This is my favorite thing about the diet!!!

  • Jungmannova Jitka commented Sep 8th 2011:

    yay girls:-))I´ve been on this diet for 11 days now and to tell the truth I haven´t stepped on the scale yet! But I don´t have the need to do so because I can literally see the fat leaving my body :-D I was 22%BF when I started and I don´t know the current %, BUT I now it´s gone way down!I can actually SEE my muscles. I thought that I was going to lose my belly fat first because that´s what always happened with all other "diets". But I seem to be losing inches on thighs, arms and somehow allover the body..I like that!! btw- my celulite is already gone!!!!!!!!!

  • Mandafigs Figs commented May 5th 2011:
    I carry almost all my weight in my lower body, and even when I've had a super flat stomach, and low body weight, the cellulite persisted. I've started noticing a reduction and I hope it continues. Was wondering if anyone knew the reason for the change?
  • Dana Costantino commented Dec 2nd 2012:

    Oh please tell me what you are doing! I am day 8!!

  • Ihatethelaw 666 commented Mar 1st 2013:

    After the first day on the diet, I was down a pound, I thought it was a fluke. Next day down another pound. I measured my waist to see if it was a fluke and I was down 2 inches! (31 to 29). The next day I was up a few pounds. It's been yo-yo-ing for the week. I think if you don't have a lot to lose it'll be slow, but there's no reason why this diet won't work for women.


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I am actually about average, 112 pounds on a 5''3" frame, looking to lose stubborn fats in areas that just won't go away.

Like Tim, I'm really not much of a cook so I bought loads of frozen vegetables when I started. Result: I didn't like the taste very much and now I am waking up 30mins to 1 hr earlier to cook and pack lunch to work.

Week 1: weight loss was steady at about 0.4lbs per day, gained 4.5lbs from Cheat Day then lost them all within 48 hours of the gain. Overall, I had lost 1 pound. I wrote down everything I craved for but by the time Cheat Day came, half of the treats didn't appeal to me anymore. Which really works because I would usually give in and regret. On cheat day because I was eating all the pastries and cakes and sweet stuff, I had to keep going or I would doze off anytime. Didn't feel too great about that. The day after, I was still craving the same flavours but reminding myself of how I'd regret it and how I'd feel so stuffed deterred me enough.

Week 2: currently on Day 19 (Wk2,Day 5) lost 4.4lbs at my last weigh-in! Changes I made - really, really high protein breakfast. I have a minimal of 3 egg whites (+ 1 yolk), usually scrambled. If there's time, I would bake a 3oz piece of tilapia/chicken breast meat (takes max 15 mins at 190C). For those who feel that they can't stomach so much in the morning, I realised that all the bustling to cook and moving about starts my appetite. Prep + cooking takes about 30minutes so I can stick to "breakfast within 30mins of waking". Even if it does take longer, it's never longer than an hour. I also incorporate at least 1 cup of vegetables for breakfast. I can't stomach stirfry vegs in the morning so it's usually a simple salad (lettuce, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, no dressing). While I eat my breakfast, I prep my lunch.

It's said that obvious effects may only be seen from week 4 so I'm really glad that I can see visible results - slimmer thighs. I feel more satisfied and full with what I am eating now. No major problems with gas so far. In addition to the diet, I workout 2-3 times a week, 15-30min each session. I usually work up my own routine but will be trying his workouts soon when I settle into this diet better.

What I did differently in Week 1 vs Week 2

- added legumes (mainly adzuki, will move on to black beans soon) in Week 2

- eating higher protein breakfast in week 2

- stayed off nuts (wk 2, in all: 7 almonds + 4 walnuts VS 100gm almonds + 200gm walnuts in wk1)

- ate a few pieces of kimchi everyday in Week 2

If you crave for something rich and creamy (like I always do!) - melt butter and crumble hardboiled egg yolks in, mix it up. (1/2 tbsp butter, 3 medium yolks, salt + pepper). I usually eat it with the hardboiled egg whites (heating these up too) or it can serve as a dressing. and yes, SPICES really is my best friend now (cumin, garlic + pepper, italian herbs, chicken seasoning, the list goes on)

NEVER limit your intake based on calories! For the sake of experimentation, I tried to control calorie intake in week 1; I ate what i wanted then recorded calorie intake in week 2. I found that the calorie intake for both weeks were about the same, except that i felt happier and more satisfied in week 2 without the constant mental burden to control. (of course, "it's not what goes into your mouth that matters, it's what goes into your bloodstream that counts") so on this point, take it with a pinch of salt.

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