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Any super-fat people attempting this?

Does this diet (lifestyle change) work if you're super overweight? For instance, 303 lbs and 5'5" tall female?

I see a lot of people who are 200-250 (and the higher end tend to be tall men, not short women) posting in various forums & stuff, but not many who are really, really big and wanting to change their lives.

Can anyone point me to success/failure stories of truly big folks doing 4-hr Body?


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I'd consider myself super-fat. Definitely morbidly obese.

I'm 6', 34y male and when I started I was 429 lbs. Ugh. I've been heavy my entire life; 300+ in high school; 350+ in my 20s and 400+ the past few years. I was a horrible soda-junkie, often downing a 2-liter/day. Combine that with a computer jockey lifestyle and it's a disaster. I was tired *all* the time. Short walks around the house would cause me to breathe heavy.

4HB is working. 45 days now on SCD and I'm down to 401.8, making great progress. I feel better, clothes are looser (just had to buy a new belt!) and I have a lot more energy. ('More Energy' is cliche, I know, but it's true)

This diet can and will work for the super-fat.

edit: 200 days in and have lost 97.2 lbs so far.

  • Gar Gar commented Mar 19th 2011:
    Well done man! Keep it up! :)
  • Holly M commented Apr 23rd 2011:
    Way to go, MKrick!
  • Michele Kay commented Apr 29th 2011:
    Wayooooooo.......way to go.
  • Rachel Pedersen commented May 10th 2011:
    Good for you for turning your life around. As you get older you will reap even more benefits from losing the weight. Congrats!
  • Alison Walker commented May 20th 2011:
    Wow! Keep it up!! The energy will only increase, too!!
  • Kevin Jason Agravante commented Apr 23rd 2011:
    Awesome bro!
  • Ryan Stephens commented Apr 23rd 2011:
    Kudos to you MKrick. I have so much admiration for people who want to change their lives and put in the necessary effort to do just that.
  • Katherine Chalmers commented Jun 4th 2011:


  • Amanda Lewis Starks commented Jul 5th 2011:

    Wow! You are making amazing changes in your life. Very brave choice. You're an inspiration !!!

  • Sandya Swamy commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Good job!

  • Britt Verstegen commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Good job! You should be very proud.

  • Aldersmegan Alders commented Aug 18th 2011:

    That's great!

  • Eddiedexter Eddie commented Sep 8th 2011:

    Wow MKrick congratulations. I love hearing stories like this.

  • Brown Bronwyn commented Nov 21st 2011:

    you rock man!

  • Vittoria Solano commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    very impresive....my compliments!

  • charley required commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Amazing, keep going !!

  • Andrew Haigh commented Aug 25th 2012:

    That is truly excellent!

  • Julian Rockett commented Jul 6th 2013:

    A long time 4HB Forum stalker, first time commenter. That is so fantastic. Just stunning, keep going!

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It wil work if you have the determination to make it work. I am not 300lbs but I still had 50 to lose. I started at slightly over 200lbs. I am in my 6 week. I am now 188.9lbs, I have dropped 14% of my body fat and lost 20 inches. As I scrolled down, someone had said that this was the first diet they had been able to sustain. Why, because you are getting carbs that are slow moving. And if you eat enough protein, veggies and beans than you start to lose the cravings. My eating was emotional - do to being bored, tired and just not wanting to do anything. I now feel great - but not just because of the diet but also because I made a commitment to myself. I was down in the dumps and had to find a way out of it. Everything was spiraling down and I needed to get out....I fought my way back by putting me first. It included losing weight and putting myself back together. So its not just about dieting or the way I need to think about it - as a life change. Its a combination of many things.

Bottom line, if you want it, make it happen. You are worth it.

The support on this forum and on facebook is fantastic. Take advantage of it. Don't think of yourself needing to lose 100's of pounds. Break it up into small goals and smile with each accomplishment. Every inch counts, every pound counts. Every meal counts.

You will be be suprised.

  • S A commented Sep 7th 2011:

    Beautiful reply.


Hi. I have been doing the program for 4 weeks now. My start weight is 318 so yeah, I qualify for your super big criteria :p

So far I would have to say it works if for no other reason than it is an approach I have been able to stick to. I am still in the process of tweaking it to fit my needs, (like adding a protein shake 30 minutes after I get up since fixing breakfast less than 2 hours after rise is impossible for me). I am having good results, so far 7.6 pounds down with all kinds of deviations from the program. My 4 week weigh in and measure isn't until tomorrow so I don't have the total yet for this 4 weeks. I expect to have much better results next week after I make a few critical tweaks. I have added no exercise to my plan yet, but next month I am going to do 15 minutes of kettlebell swings a week.

Basically I am approaching this a 4 week experiment, at the end of each 4 weeks I will reassess, tweak and move on to the next 4 weeks. This seems to be helping me to keep it fresh. Which is important because when you have 150+ pounds to lose it can be quite overwhelming. Plus in a sea of folks with 30-50 pounds to lose it is easy to feel a bit out of place. I am glad you asked this question. :) An important thing for us to remember is that no matter how much or how little you have to lose it comes off one pound at a time for everyone. Just keep at it. :) This plan so far has been the best I tried. Good luck!!

  • S A commented Sep 7th 2011:

    I love this comment! Are you able to update on how things have been going?

  • Bert Murdoch commented Oct 1st 2011:

    I am super stolked for you.... you feel you have a lot to loose and feel out of place but also have the most to gain.... You also have the best "I did" story when you are all done.

    I was 325 a few years back and slowly lost about 50 lbs. I feel great, now I am trying this again.....Lost 10 lbs the first time I tried it but did not add much fitness.... this time I am going to stay on here and that will help I think.

    Keep me up to date.... I want to hear how well you do!



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I feel like I am enough of a success story to share a little bit here:

I was never "super-fat" but I was definitely pretty big - I'm 5'9.5" and 3 years ago I was 240lbs. I'm now sitting just under 170lbs, and around 16-17% body fat. The majority of this was lost in the past 1.5 years.

From 2008-2010 I fiddled away at various weight loss tactics - intense workouts, crash diets etc, etc.

Problem was the biggest deal was NOT my weight - for me it was "heart" issue. I mean that metaphorically. By this I mean that I had a lot of inner struggles surrounding food - I had secretive eating habits that I formed over many years. I think it stemmed from some struggles in my childhood mixed with bad habits.

All that is to say, and I'm sure you all already know, this isn't just a physical thing - There are sometimes many deeper ties that hinder us until we deal with them.

Everyone keep up the awesome work! I've only been here for a short time but this is an awesome little support community.

  • Agent Luv commented Apr 25th 2011:
    I totally related to the emotional/psychological issues. No diet/eating plan/behavior mod will work in the long term until enough of the emotional issues are acknowledged and "navigable."


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I apologize in advance if this comes off as a downer reply - my intention is to provide some points to seriously consider to help you find motivation from within, not from someone else's success. I personally think this plan will work for everyone, but I'm an overly-optimistic person who thinks everyone can, and should, be their own biggest cheerleader in all aspects of life, and sometimes I forget that other people have a hard time with self-motivation without knowing it definitely worked for a similar person, so forgive me.

1. Have you read the book? Like, really read it, not just the Slow-Carb Diet Frameworks? I think one of the most inspiring things that will ensure long-term success with SCD/4HB, regardless of your starting weight, is to realize from his writing that he's NOT a diet coach or anything like that. He's simply sharing his own personal findings/successes that worked when applied to volunteers, and his mission is for YOU to get bitten by the "self-experimentation" bug, too. Making a positive change in your diet, and constantly tracking that change, to inspire yourself and stay accountable/motivated will set you up for more personal success than knowing that someone else out there in cyber space in your similar situation did (or didn't) have it work for them.

2. If you've failed with past diet books/plans, are you aware of exactly why it didn't work? I ask this because there are varying levels of how badly you want something (in this case, permanent weight loss/lifestyle change) and that impacts your resolve to stick with something during your weak moments. You can wake up every day and look in the mirror and say "I want to lose weight", but unless you've REALLY got that "I WILL do this and be successful no matter what" fire in your belly, which unfortunately usually comes with hitting your all-time low point, you're never going to stick with a change - doesn't matter if you're 130 pounds and want to lose 15, or 330 pounds and want to lose 150. I would bet money that if someone is hell-bent on making a measurable change to lose weight and reinvent their life, they will absolutely succeed regardless of how easy or extreme the diet/lifestyle plan they choose to follow.

3. If you're not able to find an existing success story of a "truly big" person who drastically changed their life through 4HB, why not be that person yourself?! You can't be the only "super overweight" person whose heard of 4HB and wondered if it could be the answer they've been looking for. Start a blog, lay your cards all out on the table, share the results you're tracking as you go, and be the inspiration for yourself and others!

  • Ushiko Yamamoto commented Feb 20th 2011:
    Thanks for the encouragement! I wasn't going to NOT do it if I couldn't find anyone like me - was just curious. My fiancé & I have just finished our 30 days and are down 18-20 lbs each, plus many inches. We are loving how we feel on 4HB and will continue


I'm female, and I'm definitely an earth-goddess type figure.

I've only just got the book, so the first change I made was having breakfast according to the protocol (I usually waited til I got to work, with commuting, 2.5-3hrs later) and drinking a large glass of water on rising. I'm up to 650-800ml (22-27oz) first thing and gradually increasing it. It's not iced, because my fridge is dead and I'm waiting for the new one to arrive.

Start weight was 148.8kg (327.4lb) on 24 Jan

Today I'm at 143.8kg (316.4lb) - 29 Jan downunder here in Australia.

...and I haven't even got all the supplements or followed it 100% yet! Oh, and zero exercise aside from my normal walking around - I do a lot of that, because I don't have a car.



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I'm 5'2" and started at 225#, that was 50% body fat. 6 weeks in I'm down 12 pounds, 5% body fat and the jeans I bought before vacation, that shrunk in the wash and were giving me that 'ouch too tight!' red band around my waist, I can now slip off without unbuttoning!

Like others are saying, it's not about how much you have to lose, it's about how much you WANT to lose it! What I love about this diet is cheat day. I don't have to commit to never eating bread again for the rest of my life. I just have to hold out until Saturday. I don't have to walk past the candy bars and think "No, you can't have that" I can think "I'll can TOTALLY have that...on Saturday!" It's made sticking to the diet during the week so much easier!


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Dreamer, there are more of us super-fats out there than are willing to admit. As a fellow in that club and also in the over 55 group, I can offer you one piece of advice.

Consider each week an experiment and make small changes each week. Start with dropping the sodas, sugar, bread, or other white things first. Don't expect everything to change overnight. Build confidence in the lifestyle and let the weight take care of itself.

I started with a modified, though close Slow Carb Plan. I added exercises like wall pushups and then squats. (That must have been fun to witness). But I didn't expect to do 75, or 25, or even 12. I started with 1!

You'll be amazed at how each week brings a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and a willingness to take another step the next week.

Again I say, change the lifestyle little by little and let the pounds and inches take care of themselves.

We're here for you Dreamer...



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Hey, my names Cody. Currently i'm 6', 20 years old and 412lb as of today. I started out at 430 about 3 weeks ago. I am definitely considered "Super-Fat". I just started the 4HB plan but I'm already down 6lb from it and its been under a week. I can wait to post some of my meal pics! I think i'm doing them right. Been taking a picture of every meal :p. I hope in the next 2 weeks ill be out of the 400's...

Has anyone ever felt like there a skinny person stuck in a fat body? i know how crazy this sounds but its true...I don't even remember i'm fat until i see myself in a mirror. It's sad really.. to not be able to do things physical that you know you could do before. i just sucks and i hope i lose tons of weight :D

  • Cody Furman commented Jul 14th 2012:

    it* not i lol.

  • Cody Furman commented Jul 15th 2012:

    *UPDATE: 409lb! :D

  • Joan Good commented Aug 26th 2012:

    I have that skinny person mind set. I see myself in pictures and think "Am I really that fat? Ew!" I was skinny until I got to college and then a combination of stress, illness that required massive doses of steroids for months on end, and having 4 babies, I went from 120 pounds to 220 in what felt like a blink of an eye. In my head, I'm 130-maybe 150. Reality hurts, especially when it's something stupid like having to exhale and hold my breath to tie my shoes! I am so glad 225 is in my rear view mirror now! I may never see 120 again, but even 130 is going to be 200% healthier than I am now!

  • Cody Furman commented May 2nd 2013:

    UPDATE: as of today. I'm 395 lb.. stopped the dieting for a while. But at least i'm not gaining lol.


A slow carb diet with high protein does work for weight loss, no matter your size. I can't say my situation was like yours because I started following a very similar diet after weight loss surgery, but really the surgery was the tool that "enforced" proper eating habits. My diet was a very high protein diet, I used black beans, lean proteins like chicken breast and eggs to get me where I am today. My highest weight was somewhere around 340 lbs (I stopped weighing myself after 325 but gained after) and I am now down to 139 lbs and keeping it off. Over the last year, whenever I have swayed from my new lifestyle I have gained (then lost) a few lbs here and there. The most I gained was 10 lbs mostly from a takeout habit that started after returning to school to complete a post secondary education (I'm 26). Once I put the breaks on and returned to my healthy eating habits, the weight was gone within 2.5 weeks (and that was over the Christmas Holiday!!)

I've turned to the 4 hour body because I haven't worked out in over a year and need to start doing it again!

So in short (sorry but felt it was important to give you some background info on me) Attempt this!!!! I understand the "broken and ugly" but aim for "fixed and beautiful!"

because everyone deserves that!


I am a female that would like to lose 50 lbs. I started the diet a week ago. I believe that any attempt to be healthier is worth a shot! I say, go for it...you have everything to lose!


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Yep I would say I am superfat.

But I can also day 8kg and 50kg to go. All thanks to 4HB 5 weeks in I am 5'6" .


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I'm 5'8" woman with wayyyyyy too much junk in my trunk (250, but better than the 294 I started out at). I just finished my first full week and I'm trying to stay optimistic and focused.

Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Pick your battle.

Good luck! :) - Kirsten


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Thanks for the reply, ElusivePeach. One of my biggest motivations for trying this is to avoid WLS. At my highest, I was 336, and in the past few years I've managed to lose as much as 55~ pounds, but its always snuck back on.

At any rate, after just six days, both my fiancé (who is only slightly overweight) and I are noticing all sort of changes in the way we feel and our energy levels. So I suspect we'll stick with it even after the challenge is over.

Oh! And "broken and ugly" is actually a line from one of my favorite songs and in the context, its more about being proud of who you are and what you do, than about actually being broken and ugly. I suppose that isn't obvious without all the lyrics. Oops!

Thanks again :)


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I used to be super fat at ove 300 lbs but now I'm down to 220 (only last 25 have been thanks to four hour body). Good luck with your health. It should come off pretty fas if your body fat percentages are really high...


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I started this at the weight of 282 lbs. Still on week one, but I'm already down to 274 :)


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Yes, me too. I am just about exactly your size right now. 5'5" and 284. I have been following the plan happily since Jan 1, and have lost 9 lbs and 5.5" inches overall, particularly in the abdomen. I went down one clothing size as a result.


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yes I would fit that discription I am 5'11" and weighed 390 lb.. That was 10 weeks ago, now only 340 lb., averaging 5 lb. per week.


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I just returned from a medical conference where we had a wonderful lecture about obesity. I personally began using the slow carb diet with my patients and have had some great results. But most people didn't stick with the plan and lost interest pretty quickly. Which proves the point of one of the lecturers who claimed that studies show all diets have pretty much the same results. The variable that makes the greatest difference is the dieter. My most obese patient with the most co-morbidities who lost the most weight had one factor in her favor. Prior to beginning this diet she made peace with her body, and began loving herself. Start here, as Michael Jackson would say with "The Man in the Mirror" because until you ask him/her to change her ways, and love the skin your in it may be impossible to loose and keep off the weight.

  • Maria Rider commented May 9th 2011:
    I totally agree 100% You really have to be committed to yourself and love yourself for this to work.
  • Michele Kay commented May 9th 2011:
    I totally agree - it starts with the individual. If someone is not ready to change their life it will not happen.
  • Britt Verstegen commented Aug 13th 2011:

    It's true. You have to want it and be ready for it.


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I'm just starting today - first day.

I'm 4'11" - starting at 190 lbs, 43.5% body fat. Is that super-fat? I'm 49 y/o, perimenopausal, hypothyroid, hypoadrenal, and anemic.

Let's see!


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I am presently 311 lbs @ 5"11, looking to lose 100lbs? is that super fat enough or am I considered a light weight amongst the heavyweights :D


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I am 5'2 1/2 and starting losing weight in January (I weighed in at 271) I am now down to 255. This is only my 2nd week of SCD and I lost 6 lbs already. I am also rereading sections to make sure I am doing everything correctly. So all in all..yes I am fat and yes I am on this.

  • J Graham commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    I find rereading the sections to be very helpful at keeping me on track and motivated to stick with it. I take notes to reinforce things for myself because the act of writing it down helps me to internalize it.


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Just started a few weeks ago. My starting weight was 381, I am 5'8" and definitely super obese. I am doing the diet with my partner and that really helps because we can eat the same foods and keep our pantry "clean"= no fast carbs/ sugar, etc.I am down 12 lbs so far. Goal #1 is to lose the first 25

  • Graceful Klutz commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    I started 3 weeks ago. When I started, I was 246. I am 5'4. I am now 240. That fluctuates daily, but my clothes are looser and my face, arms and legs are smaller. I am not shooting for super drastic or fast, just steady. So far, I am tickled pink! I sleep better, have more energy, my moods are stable and the cheat days are giving me some excellent perspective on foods that I may possibly have an allergy to, such as dairy and wheat. I wish I had found this years ago!

  • J Graham commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Awesome that you have support at home. Good luck to you both.


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I'm 210lbs and 5ft5 so i cant really say i'm 'super-fat' but I am clearly obese.

One of the things that has me worried me is the loose skin i may have after get rid of 70lbs of fat. I have stretchmarks on my arms and belly, not severe but there nonetheless.

That demoralises me more than anything. However, when i'm feeling that worry I go onto youtube and watch videos of people who have lost lots of weight and their bodies look awesome. I remind myself that i dont have to 'bikini ready', just in a healthy weight range so i live for longer!

This one really inspires me :-)


She was the winner of the biggest loser in Australia, its incredible seeing her body shrink in this video.

  • Mcarpentier Mike Carpentier commented Mar 11th 2011:
    Thanks for posting that great inspirational video!
  • Agent Luv commented Mar 6th 2011:
    Hi Dominique -- I am worried about the loose skin issue as well. But I figure once I've exerted the effort to lose over 100 lbs and maintain it, I will be willing to have plastic surgery to deal with loose skin/saggy breasts, etc.
  • Agent Luv commented Mar 6th 2011:
    Of course, I would like to not need plastic surgery (like that amazing Tiffany who looks gorgeous in the video you posted), and I am doing everything I can--exercising, not losing weight too quickly--to avoid it.
  • Britt Verstegen commented Aug 13th 2011:

    I love those kind of inspirational stories! We can do it, too.

  • Sandya Swamy commented Aug 13th 2011:

    All those with stretch marks- look up www.stretchmarkcure.com. It provides a do-it-yourself guide to getting rid of stretch marks. I worked on it last summer, and I saw a *huge* difference. It works.


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I definitely consider myself to be a part of the super-fat category. I'm 5'8" and was 287 lbs when I started this 6 weeks ago. I am happy to say that I am down to 262.5 as of this morning, however I expect that number to drop over the next couple of days since my cheat day is on Sunday and it's usually not until Thursday morning that I see the scale reflect loss after the cheat day gain.

I am trying to look at this in chunks of smaller goals as many others have suggested. Part of my problem, however, is that for several years pre-children I did a substantial amount of modeling - at my thinnest I was 105 lbs (totally unhealthy, however). While I have no desire to be 105 lbs, I would very much like to stop shopping at the Avenue and Lane Bryant. So, although I have to lose (in my mind anyway) 130 lbs, I've broken it down in 25 lbs increments. Goal 1 was met this morning D-=

Best of luck to you!


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I am 27 years old, female mother of 2, I'm 5'5 and started at 271lbs in Sept 2012. I haven't been as STRICT as I should have been on this diet or I'd be half my size now, but it does work. As of April 1, 2013, I'm sitting at 207lbs. :) I haven't really exercised.

This diet has very much changed my life and the way I see things. I'll never go back even if I wanted to. I now eat more organic foods but still eat carbs some times. It's hard feeding everyone else something different when you are eating just protein and veggies. :(

My biggest achievement so far is kicking my Coke Zero addiction. I was at about 3 cans (12oz x3) per day easily.. sometimes more, sometimes less, but mostly more lol. I feel a lot less tired and more enthusiastic. ;) Anyone is capable of change through Slow Carb Dieting.


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I'm 5'2" and started in January at 252 and lost 40 pounds by July 1 with some up and down along the way. I've been bouncing back and forth between 210 and 220 over the summer (too many trips and treats!), but have just resumed the diet and begun losing again. Hope to make it to 175 by Christmas.

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