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Best iPad app for kids

What are the best iPad apps for kids, such as games, entertainment or educational apps for kids to use on their iPad?


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What about Cut the Rope, the Christmas edition!! It's beyond adorable. You feed a little green frog named Omnom candy by slicing through ropes with your finger, which releases the candy into his mouth. It's cute, hours of fun, and actually takes some logic and deductive reasoning skills to get through the levels. It's a fun app for both kids and adults like me.

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Apprently there's now an entire section in the App Store devoted entirely to apps for kids. Check it out:


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If your kids are into platform games (you know, the kind where you jump up and down on platforms like Donkey Kong), then you might want to check out Soosiz, which is probably the best platform game for kids on the iPad. This iPad app is a fun-filled game that your kids will love playing on their iPads. Soosiz is like a modern-day Super Mario Bros. game, where your kids will play an adorable character with a green mohawk jumping over obstacles from platform to platform attempting to save the world. Full of cute bubbly cartoon graphics and lots of non-stop jumping action, this game is one of the best iPad apps for kids ages 4 and up.


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Smurfs Village just came out earlier this month, kids still love Smurfs right? As far as the game goes, think Farmville only cooler, you start with a single mushroom and grow your village into it's full Smurf-tastic glory. You can get it free on iTunes here.



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2 words: FRUIT NINJA!!!!!!!! Slice n' dice your way through watermelons, pineapples, and other fruit salad fixins with a swipe of your samurai sword fingertip. As the game speeds up, so will the giggles as your kids attempt to slash fruit faster and faster. This ridiculously addictive iPad app is a killer game not just for kids, but can entertain adults for hours they'll never admit...


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Here's my favorite ipad apps for kids:

The most downloaded iPhone app of all time is even better on the iPad—get ready to jump and jump and jump again in this insanely addictive game. Tilt the iPad left and right to jump from platform to platform. You can also get a boost from jetpacks, propeller beanies, and springs, but watch out for monsters!

Great fun to play on the iPad. Just as addictive as it was on the iPhone, but now with more breathing room. There is not an iPad version yet, but I still enjoyed the iPhone version on the big screen. Don’t forget, you can toggle back and forth between 1x and 2x if you feel there’s a compromise in graphics quality.

A fun, addictive and appropriate for all ages. Kids slide google-eyed chuzzles across the iPhone screen trying to group 3 like-colored chuzzles together. When they do, the chuzzles explode with a giggle, sending fur and eyeballs flying. The iPad version is head and shoulders above the rest.

A fun iPad app, where furry little pompoms called Sneezies float across cutesy backgrounds. But, oh no! They’re trapped in bubbles! Kids free them by sprinkling sneezing powder. The graphic details really pop on the large screen.

Thirty wacky creatures are divided into five slideable parts on various backgrounds. Kids can mix & match them—with accompanying zany sound effects—to their hearts’ content. Playing it on the larger screen will make this silly app more accessible to even the youngest of comedians.

The size of the iPad makes all the difference in 2 player games. Now, do you want one puck or two?

A fun vintage video game app that parents can play with their kids. It’s a toss up who will have more fun, but we like the idea of it being an app for the whole family. The joystick takes a bit getting used to, but didn’t the original the first time you held it? All the same ghosts and cherries are here to keep you going…

An intuitive, educational word search game for new readers, rabid wordsmiths, and everyone in between. Younger kids may need a little help, but they’ll soon be hooked too. Link letters left, right, up, and down on your iPadscreen to build words and earn points with this fun app. Make too many short words and you get burning tiles, which can literally blow up in your face.

There is no question that the Scrabble is one of the best iPad apps—it’s leagues better than the regular iPhone Scrabble app. The older app is kind of hazy on the iPad. I tried them both and Scrabble for iPad feels so much more dynamic. It’s got a high price, but for frequent players, bringing the iPad to a friend’s house will quickly replace bringing the box.

This is one of my all time favorite iPad apps. It is a one-stop parent-curated video browsing gadget for kids. Channels include Animals, Fun Shows, Learn, Music, People, and Places and developers have listed hundreds of hours of kid-friendly programming with everything from funny kitten videos to a Discovery Education short biography of Ludwig van Beethoven.

I sort of hesitate to include this one, but my kids love it, so yours probably will too. It’s not so much an IQ test as a game of reflexes and quick thinking. It’s actually stylish and fun and very, very entertaining—too bad about the name. My kids compete for family high score regularly and laugh while they play.

A fun, break out-style game in which kids launch a cute, spiky ball around a variety of bouncy environments trying to free the magic butterflies who are trapped in glass jars. It can be hard to get the hang of it at first, but just like in the iconic mistake movie Groundhog Day, you can retry failed levels until you succeed.

A truly great hidden pictures game with an unlikely premise: You move to a new town and have to decorate your house room by room so you can beat your snooty neighbor and impress the judges in the Superstar Homes magazine competition.

Problem is, you’re on a fixed budget so you have to shop at yard sales. Luckily for you one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Once you’ve found what you need, it’s time to get out your paints, sandpaper, and glue gun to craft your way to the finish line. My 10-year-old daughter can’t get enough of this iPad app.

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