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My daily menu, in full, for inspiration.

Hi everyone

I have read a lot of posts on here by people looking for some inspiration on what they could/should eat that is convenient, tasty and, most importantly, tolerable to eat over and over again. Well, after around five weeks or so of tweaking and modifying, I have come up with the below menu that works pretty well for me and that some people may like to use, borrow from or otherwise benefit from should anyone so wish. Here it goes:


105g (1/2 pack) of pre-cooked roast chicken breast (this comes pre-cooked in the packet and I have made sure to get a brand that does not contain potato starch or any other hidden things like that).

2 free range whole eggs.

Portion of peas OR a portion of leafy salad. If salad, then I dress it with olive oil in moderation and some balsamic vinegar.

Black coffee or a green tea

The above breakfast takes me no more than 4 minutes to prepare and tastes WAY nicer than Tim's three minute breakfast recommended in the book!


1 can of tuna in spring water, drained

1 pepper (any colour)

1/2 an onion (brown or red, I vary it)

A few squirts, eqivalent to approximately three tablespoons, of chilli mayonaise. After searching high and low, I finally found a brand of mayonaise that did not include any sugar or any variants of sugar in the ingredients list. This mayonaise is Asda own-brand chilli mayonaise. Interestingly (or annoyingly, depending on whether or not you like chilli), it is only this flavour that is suitable for SCD. All the other flavours (garlic, for instance) contain sugar and other assorted rubbish.

1 can of mexican mixed beans in water, drained

I mix all that lot together and put it in a tuppaware to take to work. The whole thing takes 10 mins to prepare, and I do the whole week's worth at once so, when divided across every day I eat it, it is an investment of less than two minutes of preparation for lunch per day.


Around 300g of stir fry beef strips

1 pepper (again, any colour)

1 can of mexican mixed beans in water, drained

1/2 a box of passata (sieved tomatoes)

A small can of tomato puree. This goes some considerable way to thickening the sauce up and making it taste very good.

Sometimes, if I have one that needs using up, I throw in a chopped onion too.

Dried spices (I use a Carribean blend but you can use whatever you want)

Throw the whole lot into a big saucepan, put it on a low-medium heat, then walk off an forget about it for ten mins. Come back and it will be done. Again, I make the whole week's supply of this in batch to save time downstream.

Shopping and Cost

I order all of the above from Asda online, and have saved the shopping basket. I simply renew the order once a week and it all turns up on my door within a two hour slot that I prebook. Asda delivers right up until 22:00. Tesco does up until 23:00 and all of the above, except the mayonaise for some reason, can be just as easily bought at Tesco.

This whole list costs me approximately GBP 46, inclusive of the delivery charge, which is usually about GBP 3. In the spirit of Tim's other book, The Four Hour Work Week, I regard this as a pretty good investment for time saved in my life.

So there you are. A very tasty, very easily repeated, very easy to prepare, very efficiently obtained menu for SCD.

As for results, I have been doing this diet for nearly 7 weeks and I have lost about 4.5kg of pure fat, gained about 0.5kg of muscle and lost about 4% of body fat (from around 23% to around 19%, so I am pretty confident that the menu above works well and is squarely within the rules of the SCD.

If, like me, you find that Spinach is just not your bag, then I highly recommend the above suggestions. For those of you who are able to use this, I hope that you have gained some knowledge, inspiration or anything else at all that helps you on your way. For those of you who did not learn anything, thanks for reading.




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Thank you for giving such an in-depth description of your plan.. it's really encouraging and informatative for newcomers and other slow-carbers alike ;)

That said, you menu looks great! I just have a couple of points. Not to poke holes- just a couple of queries.

Does the balsamic vinegar you use have any sugars in it? Otherwise you should be fine to carry on using, it's just that it's one of the condiments you need to watch out for.. Also, can you confirm this for the Carribean spice blends you use?

And with the onions, red onions especially, they can be quite sweet so as long as you don't use a whole lot they should be fine :D

Otherwise, you have nailed this completely , and your results are great! What was your starting weight?

I see your from the UK as well.. I shop at ASDA mostly too so feel free to check out my own meal plan post too. I eat the same breakfast as you most days, with Tabasco on it.

This is also great for others who are from the UK as well, as they can see the diet itself does not have to be expensive at all. In fact I have actually saved money instead. It also goes to show how effortless, tasty and non time-consuming meals can be.

Keep going, your doing awesome :)

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What is the brand and kind of mixed beans that you eat?


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Hi James,

Thanks for the in depth post. Really Helped me! Was just wondering what brand the Roast chicken breast was?




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Very many thanks James for taking the time to type this all in for us.


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