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Watch full episodes of CBS shows on iPad

I'm trying to watch full episodes of CBS TV shows on my iPad, but the only app I found was a TV.com iPhone app with hardly any episodes of my shows. I went to the CBS website too, but when I tried to access their full episodes section, I got a page with this message:

"This video is currently not available for your device"

Any ideas on how to get this to work?

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Yep, but it will cost you $5!! It's not perfect (it's a little slow and the resolution isn't great), but here's how:

  1. Install the $5 SkyFire browser app on your iPad. This will allow you to watch Flash videos on your iPad.
  2. Open the SkyFire app and go to TV.com. Navigate to any video that you want to watch. You'll see a big Flash icon where the video should be.
  3. Click the Video icon in the lower lefthand corner of the Skyfire app to transcode the video. When the video is ready, just click 'Play' to watch the show!


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Here's a list of all the full episodes available on TV.com that you can watch on your iPad using Theresa's hack:

Desperate Housewives 45 Episodes Online

Grey's Anatomy 1 Episode Online

NCIS 1 Episode Online

How I Met Your Mother 3 Episodes Online

CSI 1 Episode Online

The Big Bang Theory 2 Episodes Online

CSI: Miami 2 Episodes Online

The Good Wife 1 Episode Online

Private Practice 2 Episodes Online

The Twilight Zone 49 Episodes Online

NCIS: Los Angeles 1 Episode Online

Lost 122 Episodes Online

Merlin 1 Episode Online

Hawaii Five-0 5 Episodes Online

Blue Bloods 4 Episodes Online

Ugly Betty 1 Episode Online

Beverly Hills, 90210 79 Episodes Online

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