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Change Apple ID on iPad?

I share an iPad with my boyfriend and want to use my Apple ID because I have a store credit in iTunes. How do I change the Apple ID on the iPad to my account ID?

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There's a couple ways to change your Apple ID on the iPad, depending on whether you want to change the ID globally, or just within an app.

To change your Apple ID for the entire iPad (across all apps, music, and settings), follow these steps:

  1. On your iPad, go to Settings and in the left hand column, scroll down until you find 'Store', then tap to open
  2. A menu will open on the right-hand side with the currently logged in user displayed. Click 'Sign Out' to log out
  3. Click 'Sign In' and log in using the desired Apple ID
  4. Now when you open the iTunes and App Store apps, your new ID will appear at the bottom of the screen

If you only want to change the Apple ID used by iTunes:

  1. Open the iTunes app and scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. Tap the button that says 'Account: xyz' and tap 'Sign Out'
  3. Sign in with your desired Apple ID

If you only want to change the Apple ID used by the App Store:

Follow the same instructions above for changing your iTunes Apple ID except open your App Store app instead of iTunes.

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