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iPad app for cats

I heard a rumor that there was an iPad app game designed specifically for cats to play. Is this for real or what!! And are there other iPad games I can get for my cat to play with?


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Yes, I think you're referring to this app. It's an app called 'Game for Cats'. If you can get your cat to actually play it, the iPad app has 2 games for your cat, “Chase A Mouse!” and “Chase A Laser!”. I don't have a cat, but the cat sure looks like he's having fun! I wonder what they'll come up with next?


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This cat Iggy is all over YouTube. He really loves ALL the iPad apps he plays with! Check him out!!!!

Iggy plays piano:

Iggy paints a picture:

Iggy the DJ scratches records:

P.S. The apps Iggy is playing with are Noby Noby Boy ($2), the Magic Piano ($2), Splatter HD (free), and DJ Baby Decks ($25).


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In this video, a cat plays Fruit Ninja on iPad and gets a score of 9! And just when they thought they had maxed out their customer base, LOL. I'd kill to see 2 cats playing this app in arcade mode! Seems like some fur would be flying!


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There's an iPad app for cats that's really fun to play and has all these crazy bugs running around on the screen that my cat loves. It's called 'App for Cats' :P

Look at how these cats just love this app! It kinda makes me wanna be a cat!

Here's a screenshot of the app with ladybugs running around on the iPad screen.



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Well my cat really thinks he's catching fish on the iPad when he plays the Pocket Pond app.

Here's some videos of other cats going fishing too, how cute is that :D


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One really fun iPad app cats love is an app called Cat Toy. It's actually a free iPhone app at this time, but you can enlarge it to fill the iPad screen.

Here's a hilarious video of a himalayan cat trying to catch a "mouse" on the iPad with this app. It's seriously hysterical when he looks under the table trying to find the mouse!!!!


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I searched for 'ipad cat apps' in the App Store and to my surprise, there were more apps made just for cats than I expected. Now that's what I call accessible!! Here's a list of the cat apps I found:

Enjoy With Cat ($1)

Your cat can chase after various creatures, a butterfly, mouse, fish, and even a UFO, in different environments, but you have to move them around with your finger (thus the name enjoy with cat).


Here's a video I found of a cat playing with this app:

Expensive Cat Toy ($1)

There's various animated 'toys' that lure your cat out to play, including a mouse, bird, ball, and red dot, complete with their own sound effects.

Cat Toys ($1)

More cat toys for your cat to chase around, this app comes with a mouse, rat, ping pong ball, frog and spider, all with sound effects and adjustable speeds.


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