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Which bluetooth keyboard, Apple or...?

I am in the process of buying an Ipad, and wondering if I should just use the Apple wireless keyboard I already have, or upgrade to one of those fancy folding bluetooth keyboards like this one: Matias Bluetooth Folding Keyboard for MAC?



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If you are looking for small factor keyboard check this one out ProMini tiny keyboard


It works with iPad, iPhone and most of the smart phones like Nokia, Android and Windows. You keyboard, touchPad and laser pointer in one (not like you will ever use laser pointer :)

Has decent battery and bluetooth wireless gets to about 10M, not like ou will every use that too, but nice to show of on presentations.

I also like litte bright led lights on keyboard that come handy in the evening, I am sys admin so I use Ipad as replacement for laptop when I am out and my network crashes, so size been big factor for me. I am over all happy 9.7 out of 10. I wish there is apple version of it, have fun with it and don't go crazy now.

Here is one more photo of it I found on Amazon images, with laser pointer, I wonder how people use that.



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Unless you plan getting full setup and dedicating keyboard just for Ipad, I recommend buying second mini keyboard, if you share keyboard with your mac you will constantly be having to disconnect and connect back blue tooth.

Watch this video to see process. >:D

This is my mini bluetooth wireless baby, I carry around it is even smaller then other one, I dont care about mouse (it is Ipad, not desktop), and I can not think of reason I would use that pointer. So I got this one as it is almost half of the size of the one

;3 20101212-n93d6jcne2k8afet2a37cprdij.jpg


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I have the Matias bluetooth keyboard and I think it rocks! If you're looking for a full-sized keyboard with real keys, this one's the best.


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