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Best iPad mind map app

What are the best mind mapping apps on the iPad? Specifically ones that can import and export to desktop mind map applications such as MindManager.


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iThoughtsHD is an outstanding mind mapping app for the iPad. It can import and export mindmaps to and from many of the most popular desktop mindmap applications such as Freemind, XMind, Novamind, MindManager. iThoughts looks just like the desktop versions and can do everything its desktop counterparts can. It's really fun and easy to use.


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You need to get MindMeister. It's the best tool for mind mapping, hands down. Creating a mind map on the iPad is dead simple: tap the + and a node is created. Type your label, hit enter, and your first node is finished. Double-tap the screen to create a new, attached node. You can tap on any node to change its style, background color, and border color as well as the size, style, and color of the text inside. Move and rearrange “child” and “sibling” nodes by dragging and dropping them on top of other nodes.

You can create a free online account and sync mind maps between the iPad and your online account. The free account enables you to sync up to three maps to MindMeister online (you can upgrade for unlimited syncs). You can also export mind maps to MindManager, Freemind, RTF, PDF and PNG.



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Popplet is one of the more Web 2.0 mind map apps out there. Individual pieces of a mind map called “popples” are added to a peg board called a popplet. It’s based on the analog style of mind mapping where notes are taped to a board.


You can add images from the Web or your iPad and add them to your Popplets along with notes and other information.

You can combine text, images, or even your own hand-drawn graphics to the board as you see fit. The app is fairly freeform in regards to what can be added where.

Popplet is easily the most fun mind mapping experience you'll have on the Ipad. I highly recommend it!


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As the name implies, SimpleMind is a very simple mind map app for the iPad. It supports export as OPML, Freemind, PNG, and PDF. You can also upload your mind maps to their server.


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You should consider MindNode. The design of the app is very minimal and you basically get a blank canvas (white screen) for you to start from. One of the best features is that you can export your finished mind maps as Freemind documents, PNG images and OPML. You can also export your mind maps to the desktop application Mindnode Pro on the Mac, if you have it.

Another great feature of the app is that you can actually use the VGA output on the device in order to export the mind map to an external monitor or projector. This is extremely useful for business presentations. Although the app is quite simple, it has everything it needs to create a great mind map.

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