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When will the Mint app be available for the iPad?

Does anyone know if and when the iPad version of the Mint.com app will be coming out? The iPhone version is not really very practical on the iPad. Additionally, they should migrate off of Flash and replace the trends graphs with lightweight, cross-platform javascript. I would have thought they would have this out by now, maybe they don't care anymore now they're owned by Quicken?


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If you want to use Mint at full screen you can just log into Mint.com using the Safari browser and you can view all your transactions, goals, and accounts there. All the cool little dropdowns work fine if you zoom in a little. You just can't get the Flash trend graphs, which I'm sure you can survive without. If you're desperate to get the Flash graphs on your iPad, you can get the Skyfire browser and log into Mint from there, which will allow you to play Flash through their browser. It's only for iPhone right now, but a Skyfire spokesman said the iPad app should be arriving “hopefully before Christmas” and will cost $5.

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Currently on their support boards, Mint has this listed as an 'idea under consideration' here. It's been 8 months since the ipad was released, so Flash could be the issue. If that's the case, HTML 5 seems like the obvious solution. Stay tuned...

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