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Best way to stream audio from iPad to airport speakers

Is it possible to stream audio playing on my iPad to my airport express station? I want to listen the music on my speakers and have several air port express stations in the house. That way I can stream all my radio apps through my stereo.


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If you want to stream your ipad music apps through your Airport Express, you'll need wireless speakers (speakers with an ethernet plug that connects to your Airport Express or broadband router). If you don't have wireless speakers and looking for the best ones, I have the Sonos S5 wireless speaker and it's by far the best sounding wireless speaker I've ever used. You just plug the speaker into your router and control music wirelessly with your iPad, iPhone, or laptop. The speaker has an amp, wireless router, and 5 speakers already built in (2 tweeters, 2 mid-range, and 1 subwoofer), so it's a complete sound system in a portable little package small enough to move from room to room. It looks like a Bose SoundDock, just without the dock.


What's great about Sonos is the complete streaming capability of all of your music. You access ALL the music stored on your iPad, iPhone, and any computer whenever you want using custom apps created just for your iPad, iPhone, and your computer. Although the app comes pre-stocked with hundreds of radio stations from all over the world, you can still stream sound from any iPad app to your Sonos speakers as long as it supports AirPlay or multitasking. It works with other popular radio services, including Rhapsody, Sirius, and Spotify.


I'm totally hooked on Sonos and have my whole house Sonos-ified (I have 2 Zone Bridges hooked into my existing speakers and the S5 for my office speakers). Just look at all the raving 5-star reviews on Amazon and you'll see how much everyone loves this amazing little speaker.

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Sure, it's really easy to stream audio from your iPad to home speakers already hooked up to an airport express. You simply press the little 'AirPlay' button in the app that's playing your music (right next to volume bar). It looks like this:



As far as streaming radio from your iPad, those are third party apps. Only some of them provide the AirPlay feature on your iPad, so it will only work natively with apps that have the Airplay button ( OR there's a little workaround that works with apps that support multitasking (such as Pandora). You just start playing a channel in Pandora on the iPad and then open your iPod app, click the Airplay button and select your speakers, then switch back to the Pandora app and the music will stream through the external speakers. This trick works with other apps like Netflix where you can play a movie on your iPad while the sound streams to your external airplay speakers.

By 2011, third party apps will have the capability to stream audio from the iPad to your Airport Express, if they choose to enable it. FYI, if you have the new 2010 Apple TV box, you can stream video from your iPad to your TV using your Youtube app and the Airplay button.

P.S. If airplay button is not showing up make sure Airport Express and IPad are on the same Wifi. Restarting IPad or wireless hub seems to help.


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You can stream third party audio from your iPad via Bluetooth, but you'd need to get bluetooth speakers in order to do that. Better yet, you can convert your existing speakers into bluetooth speakers using the BlueLink Bluetooth Music Receiver from Amazon ($25), which plugs directly into your existing speakers. As long as your iPad is within 33 feet, it should work. It's a really great little device. Keep in mind though, that Bluetooth sound quality is low fidelity.



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Here's a quick hack: You can use the Remote app and use your iPad to control the music that's playing on your computer through Airport Express. Of course that requires you to physically point your iPad at your computer, but it works!


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You can use a special device called the Voiss Wireless Music Gateway which will let you stream music from your iPad (or iPhone/PC) to your home stereo system via Bluetooth. You simply plug this device as a sound input for your amp and pair it like a Bluetooth headset on the iPad and it'll wirelessly stream any sound from your iPad, including Youtube videos and your iPad music library.


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Easy, get yourself a nice pair of Bluetooth speakers from Best Buy and pair it with your iPad like just you would with a mouse. Works like a charm!

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