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Is there an app that lets me use my Ipad as a monitor?

I want to use my ipad as a second monitor while I'm at home, is there an app that will let me do this?


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If you want the best app for using your iPad as a monitor, you'll want to get Air Display. It works on both Windows and Mac computers and converts your iPad into a second monitor and extends your desktop onto the screen. It's very easy to set up and even works on iPhones and iPods (not sure who would do that though). Air Display not only gives you a wireless computer screen extender, but also works as a tablet input device. You can use your finger to draw directly on the screen’s surface (good for calculator app, painting tool, or music app). Maxivista, their competitor, doesn't offer the ability interact with the touchscreen or play video at full screen. If they're both $9.99, Air Display is the obvious choice.

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If you use Windows, you can use MaxiVista. It's the same price as Air Display, but it's built specifically for Windows Vista/7 users.


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I use iDisplay, which works ok with my ipad, but the problem is that it tends to lag a lot. The touchscreen feature works at least. I'd switch to Air Display because I heard it was faster, but I already paid $5 for it and don't want to spend another $10! I guess you get what you pay for!

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