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Best iPad app to play DivX videos

I have a bunch of videos that I want to play from my library in formats iTunes doesn't recognize, particularly WMV AVI, DIVX, and XVID. I'm wondering if there's an app that can play these videos on my iPad without the hassle of converting them?


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Don't buy Air Video until you at least try the free ZumoCast app. Zumocast is one of those game-changing apps that don't come around that often. In one fell swoop, it combines the functionality of Dropbox, Remote Desktop, and Air Video into a single app. ZumoCast gives you remote access to your entire computer so you can watch videos, listen to music, or view/manage your documents from literally anywhere with an internet-enabled computer (DRM-free content only). While at home, it can stream almost any video/audio format to your iPad and iPhone. To play your videos while on-the-go, you can just download them and play them natively without needing to convert them.

Best of all, it totally bypasses iTunes. Anything you add to your 'Movies' and 'Music' folders will instantly sync with the app. You don't even have to be at home to manage your library, you just login to www.zumocast.com from any browser and you can view, upload, and download your files from anywhere. Listen to your music online and access your files from your work computer. And for times when you don't have internet, you can download any file directly to your iPad. ZumoCast also supports multitasking for music, so you can close the app and your music will continue to play.

And it goes above and beyond just music. You can literally access terabytes of files from anywhere using any computer, without uploading or syncing them. I can't even begin to stress how powerful this is. Thank you ZumoCast!


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Air Video is a great app for what you're trying to do. It can take any video file and converts it on-the-fly for immediate playback on your ipad. That means you won't have to sit there for hours waiting for a video to convert, it will just start playing right away. Alternatively, if you just want to grab videos on your computer and stream them on your iPad, Air Video can stream videos in any format using your wireless network.

Another cool feature is that you can give friends & family a special code which will allow them to access your library of videos or folders you designate anywhere in world (as long as they have Air Video installed on their iPhone or iPad). It works the other way around too, allowing easy sharing of videos whenever you want.

Pricing-wise, the free version is limited to only a few video files so you can test it out, and then you can upgrade to the $2.99 version for unlimited video conversions. It's definitely one of the best video converter apps out there.


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I use StreamToMe to stream both audio AND videos from my computer to my iPad without converting them. It's similar to ZumoCast in that it allows you to connect to your home computer via your WiFi network or remotely (via remote wifi OR 3G) and access your home media, but the usability is better. This app streams audio and video very quickly and smoothly locally and remotely, albeit somewhat tricky to set up the remote connection. It also supports VGA and video out for playing videos on your projector or TV.



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Not sure if you guys have tried LIBOX yet but you may want to give it a shot as a comparison... It's apparently coming really soon for the iPad.


Similar to ZumoCast, it allows you to access all your media anywhere you have a internet connection, on any device, and without worrying about codecs/formats. Oh, and you can also privately share all that media in it's original quality with your friends. LIBOX is also a platform so many applications from 3rd party developers will be coming down the line.


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OrbLive is just like ZumoCast and works fine depending on the speed connection. I do have it on my desktop and streams acceptable to my PS3.


if you had your iPad jailbreaked, then download VLC to view almost all formats on your iPad, without converting them...that will be done by using iTunes...

and can stream your Vids on apple Tv by VLC streamer, also from Cydia...

all that can get it via


add that source to your cydia, install installous to get all VLC apps

good luck and enjoy

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