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What are some good apps for the blind & visually impaired?

Which apps work well for someone with poor eyesight? I bought an iPad for my father and many of the apps I have downloaded for him don't work very well with VoiceOver. Can you recommend some news, sports, travel, and entertainment apps that work well with VoiceOver?


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What about Glee karaoke for iPad? It's so much fun, you sing songs either from your library or buy from their library if you want the lyrics. While you're singing, the app records all of your performances, which you can save or even broadcast to the web. There's also voice correction and harmony built in so you always sound like a star! When you're tired of singing, you can also listen to live performances of other users broadcasting their songs over the web (this alone is hours of entertainment).

I'm not sure if it would work for the blind, but for someone with poor eyesight, definitely. The app's buttons are not labeled, but the fonts in the app are huge, especially the song lyrics. It's by far the best music app I've used and it's only $1 (songs cost extra).


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There's a great accessible instant messaging app for the blind called IM+ Pro. It's the only instant messaging app on the iPad that offers built-in speech recognition. So instead of typing messages key by key, you can simply speak your messages. I tested out the speech recognition tool and it's not perfect, but will still save a lot of time typing. The speech recognition feature is available as monthly subscription, so it's probably good app for the blind who use IM a lot.


There's a blind / accessible version of the popular Minesweeper game called Accessible Minesweeper for the ipad. If you're not familiar with the game, Minesweeper is a strategy game whose objective is to clear the minefield without detonating a bomb. To win the game, you need to guess where the bombs are.

This app is fully compatible with voiceOver so blind users can enjoy the fun this game offers. This app also includes features that will allow deaf people and users with hand and/or mobility problems to play the game as well.



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Jabba is an instant messaging ipad app for the blind that supports VoiceOver in 5 languages.


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I went through my apps in VoiceOver mode and like you said, most of them function very poorly (if not at all). I noticed that the big problem trying to read news apps is that VoiceOver can only read one paragraph at a time, so you'd have to tap each paragraph to read the whole story.

There was, however one fun app that worked excellently called 10,500 Cool Facts (it's free). It simple enough you can navigate it with 2 taps. After you open the app, you just tap once and VoiceOver will read the fact to you, and then you double-tap to get the next fact. The letters are even huge enough to probably read.

(tap once to read)

(double-tap to get next fact)



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For entertainment, try the 18,000 Cool Jokes app. There's a free version of the app if you want to test it out first. It takes a few extra taps to get it going, but once you do that, you just tap the Next arrow to get the next joke.


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Soundhound is a really amazing ipad music app that is accessible to anyone who's blind or visually impaired. With the click of only 2 buttons, you can record song that's playing on the radio and it will find it for you, then you can listen to the full version of the song and watch YouTube videos of the song.

This app is very handy when you're in the car and want the name of the song that's playing, or if you have a song stuck in your head, the app can even recognize songs that you sing or hum to it. If you already know the name of an artist and want to find out more on them, their search engine is speech recognition enabled, so you just speak the name and it does the rest. It's one of the New York Times' Top 10 Apps for a good reason!

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