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Should I jailbreak my iPad?

Is it illegal or legal? Will it void the warranty? Will I lose my existing apps? Will it crash a lot if I jailbreak it? I've heard so many things, I have no clue whether to do it or not.


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Unless you have a really compelling reason do so (besides just getting free apps), jailbreaking your iPad a big waste of time. Don't be fooled by your experience with jailbreaking the iPhone, it's completely different. Once you jailbreak your iPad, you'll learn the hard way that most of the apps you try to use or install will crash constantly, so you'll end up wasting your time doing trial & error experiments searching for apps that work instead of enjoying your iPad the way god/a.k.a. Apple intended it.

To answer your specific questions:

"Is it legal?"
It used to be illegal before, but now it's perfectly legal to jailbreak your iPad, thus the confusion.

"Will it void the warranty?"
Yes, jailbreaking your iPad will void the warranty but you can always restore it back to the factory settings and no one will ever know!

"Will I lose my existing apps?"
No, you'll have access to your old apps, and can install new apps too.

Will it crash a lot if I jailbreak it?
Yes, like I said before, crashing is the #1 biggest problem with jailbreaking your iPad. The apps in Cydia (the free app store for jailbroken iPads) are buggy and unstable, and could render your iPad totally useless.
That being said, if you still want to do it, you can download the Spirit jailbreak tool here, and you can jailbreak your iPad in seconds. Make sure you back everything up first. There's a nice step by step guide here to help you on your adventure. All in all, you can always try it out yourself and if you don't like it or something goes wrong, you can fully restore your settings, as if nothing ever happened.

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Ask yourself these 3 questions first:

  1. Do you have a burning desire to multitask on your ipad, such as browse the web in Safari while streaming music from Pandora?

  2. Are you willing to tolerate a few extra crashes here and there?

  3. Are you willing to get rid of your non-native iPad apps (the ones for the iPhone stretched out to fit the ipad screen) in exchange for free access to the App Store?

If you answered YES to all 3, you should definitely take the plunge and try it out! It just takes a minute and you have nothing to lose (the whole process is totally reversible). Good luck!

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