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Sugar-free Dark Chocolate, an absolute no?

Do you think having a few squares (maybe one post lunch and dinner) of sugar free dark chocolate would be an absolute no? I really crave sweets on this diet and would love to have this lower cal treat as opposed to nuts or a spoonful of peanut butter. Nuts tend to be a disaster for my dieting...once I pop I just can't stop. Thoughts?


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Yes. It's an absolute NO.

if you're trying to lose weight, a dark chocolate bar that says "sugar-free" is a no. usually it will have some other sort of sweetener (most likely maltitol which is a no) and still be high in calories and fat. the only other dark chocolate I've seen "sugar free" has agave which is also a no. plus most sugar-free are probably only 40% anyway. (it can be called dark at 40%.

the effect on your insulin will still block your ability to burn fat. If you're in a maintenance mode should be ok. and if you're not so interested in burning fat fast it's your choice.

i'd suggest if you really can't go without it. then you're gonna be fat much longer than you want...just kidding. (i'm just trying to sound harsh).

but instead just going with 1 square of 86%+ dark chocolate with normal sugar (after a workout or end of high protein meal-where insulin response will be less) as it will be healthier for you, and the anti-inflammatory properties could be a bonus. It will satisfy the craving more, not cause you diarrhea and is higher in antioxidant goodness of chocolate content.

most likely though if you have a bar, you'll eat the whole thing right? so just don't do it. 1 square a day could lead to an accumulative weight gain of 1-5 lbs over the course of a year. But on the flip-side it could prevent you from losing 1-5 lbs a week.

source: i owned a dark chocolate company

  • ... ... commented Jul 1st 2011:

    p.s. if you're looking for health benefits. look for non-alkalized cocoa. they're higher in antioxidant value. a lower % dark chocolate non-alkalized chocolate will have a higher antioxidant yield than a higher percent bar that is processed with alkali.

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I am a chocolate maker.

Unless your bar is 100% cocoa solids, for example, Lindt excellence, 100%, then the remaining percentage is sugar. Other ingredients go into the bar such as added cocoa butter but sugar and cocoa mass make up the percentage profile.

Cocoa bean "nibs", the useable meat of a cocoa pod has a very low carb amount and is a thermogenic compound with many antioxidant properties. Small portions of 100% cocoa chocolate, an ounce or so, won't hurt you. To find out if you will enjoy the taste put a drop of oil or fat on a quarter teaspoon of cocoa powder and taste it all over the inside of your mouth. Coconut oil is best, in my opinion but is a saturated fat, just in case it bothers you. This is the sweetness you can expect from unsweetened chocolate. I like it, very much.

I hope this helps.


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Try it and see if it works for you and if you get stuck you know why :) If you are into experimenting with it and possibly slowing your progress then the worst it will do is stall your results until you cut it out. It just depends on how fast you want to see a change.

As for is it SCD approved? That would be a resounding no as most ' sugar free' chocolate bars contain milk ( no dairy on scd) and some kind of sugar alcohol (no sweetners).

Best of Luck!


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Well if you look at the nutritional information of pure dark chocolate it doesn't look bad. It's also a powerful antioxidant and very healthy food in general. I have started drinking sugar free cocoa recently and my fat loss has actually improved although it's probably irrelevant. Actually I'm eating both peanut butter and cocoa every day and it does not affect fat loss.

So try it and let us now if you get a noticeable result.


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I say try it! I think Tim promotes finding a way to make the diet work for you. If it stalls weight loss, then skip it maybe or find another alternative. I, personally, enjoy sugar-free jello late at night when my sweet tooth starts screaming. I've also found that a bigger dinner helps with those tendencies to snack. Dark chocolate in small quantities can't be too bad, though. As long as you can keep control (something I am unable to do with chocolate, haha, I am envious!) I say go for it!

  • Sam H commented Jun 30th 2011:

    cocoa solids contain theobromine. I'm unsure if it's good or bad for the diet but it looks good to me, see for yourself though I don't rely know. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocoa_bean#Health_benefits_of_cocoa_co...

  • Laura Loft commented Jun 30th 2011:

    I think I remember Tim talking about theobromine being used to speed up gastric emptying on cheat day. So there could be an issue with food passing through your system too quickly if you eat a lot of it. But I doubt a few small bites would have too great an effect.

    The only other thing I would look into is lactose, which is considered bad on this plan. Does the chocolate contain dairy?


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I found the most amazing 100% cocoa bar. Most taste bitter to me but not this one. I love it. In fact, I now have to save it for cheat day because I eat too much of it. In case the link doesn't post, it's Fran├žois Pralus Le 100%.


  • Holly M commented Jun 30th 2011:

    Huh, I didn't notice that, I suspect it's a typo or translation error but I think I will email them to clarify. it doesn't say that on the actual packaging that I have seen & my chocolate shop introduced it to me as a no sugar option. If I got it for free I would send it to you but I pay a good price for it at a local chocolate shop (close to $10/bar). It's a little cheaper at Whole Foods but I like to give local guys my business when I can.

  • Holly M commented Jul 1st 2011:

    He he, well, I just might do that...your avatar is just too awesome!

  • ... ... commented Jun 30th 2011:

    it says no added sugar, but ingredients list sugar. hmmm. but i def want to try it! send me one. thanks.

  • ... ... commented Jul 1st 2011:

    i like when you give me chocolate when you can.


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It sounds yucki but try the celery stick with peanut butter, its very sweet and crunchy.

I had some pieces of dark chocolate and nothing happened that very moment. BUT. It makes you weak and weaker and then you cheat here and BAM there you have your stall.

To keep your discipline up, say no to chocolate. Maybe try the fat cocoa the girls here promote.


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Personally, if I were going to eat chocolate, I would stick with 86-90% dark chocolate with real sugar. You would need to limit the amount you eat.

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