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A tip for women who might be struggling...

to make this short, ive been on this “diet” for about 3 years no with no results, just a struggle followed by disappointment and frustration. ive been able to maintain, but thats not why im doing this.

over the past month and a half, i made some changes and immediately saw results. im a big coffee drinker, i just love it with a couple truvia packets and some heavy cream. i have read over the past couple years, over and over again, but refused to accept it, that even small amounts of artificial sweetener/truvia can plateau weight loss. it was so hard for me to believe that something so small can have such a big impact. so after a few years of seeing no results and being too stubborn to cut out the coffee, i finally did it, and in 3 weeks i lost 2.6 lbs (that doesnt sound like a lot, but im 5’7 and was 144 lbs with 27.2% body fat), 2 of those lbs were fat (my BF% is now 26.2) and 2.75 inches total in the areas that i measure (waist, hips, thighs, etc) . ive also been strength training for atleast 30 minutes 5 days a week during this time.

so basically, ladies that drink coffee with sweetener, stop. even if youre seeing results, youll see much better results with simply cutting out the sweetener and cream. drink the coffee black if you want, but add nothing to it. maybe its not even the coffee, but the point is is that something so small makes a huge difference. re evaluate what youre doing, what youre eating and drinking, and maybe one little change can completely turn things around for you.

i should also add that i do not take the PAGG stack. i take l carnitine, fish oil, and cinnmon supplements atleast twice a day along with a caffiene pill with added vitamins in it.

i hope that this helps the struggling women out there, because i know how it feels to put your all into something and get nothing out of it. i know how frustrating it is to get on the scale time and time again and see no change, and take measurements and not lose a single inch, but all it takes is a little trial and error, and eventually youll find e tweak that works for you.

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In the book, it details that you can have coffee, but to limit the sweetner/cream to a very VERY minimal amount everyday.

I quit drinking coffee all together when I started the diet and switched to 5 hour energy. Maybe 1 every 2-3 days (it depends on your tolerance) I’ve seen huge results with this one. (down just short of 30 pounds in 3 1/2 months)

  • Katie Jester commented Jul 21st 2015:
    He does talk about it in the book, and I was just too stubborn to believe that coffee could completely stall my results until I just gave in and stopped drinking it except for cheat days. I was hoping I would be one of those people who can still drink coffee everyday and it wouldn't make a difference (like my boyfriend who has lost about 40 lbs in less than a year), but now I wish I would have had this realization a couple years ago!

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