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New and gaining weight

I started the diet 1 week ago and i’m actually gaining weight. I’m not sure why as I am eating a lot of protein, working out with either running or a metabolic type workout and drinking lots of water. my husband loves this program and has seen incredible results. he thinks my body isn’t used to so much protein and is just adjusting and absorbing. i probably have shorted myself calories and protein over the years and over worked out. and now im in a fat storing mode that needs to be broken. i’m coming up on a cheat day and i’m freaking out; if i’m gaining weight doing all the right things, then what’s going to happen when i eat too much????

Any tweaking of this program for my specific need would be appreciated.

thanks - karla

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What are you eating?

Too many beans/lentils and not enough vegetables. Too many “somtime” foods like large amount of avcado, mayo, high fat meats like bacon may cause you to gain weight.

Hidden sugar and carbs can also be a culprit. Are you having a soup that may be thickened with flour or a sauce that has sugar in it? Check those out.


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well. how long r u doing the working out. u should calculate the calories u cost each time and take a little supplement like the L-carnitine Promote normal growth and development. Help build muscle.

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