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Popping issues...

Ok, first, Hello to everyone.
I have been practicing hitting for about 2 months now.
Issues about that are:
1. How to practice to get harder pops? I just need that POWER.
2. How will my pops be more clearer? Basically any advice on how I could hit my arm pops better would be much appreciated.
3. Transitions between pops? I have learned that the way you transition between pops/hits is as important as the actual pop/hit. That is if you want to do it right.
Thanks in advance.


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Hey BrewMaster.

I see that you are all over the place. First tutting and now popping. Or should I say popping then tutting? xD

Never mind that, they are good combo.

1. For the first one you can try doing some muscle exercises, like pushups. You need your muscles in the first place to have power so that you can release that power latter.Also extra power comes from your leg pops/hits. If you are doing this part right it will really help you with that lack of power.

But if you really want to hit hard you will need to be able to relax between the hits.You need to go from 0% to 100% and be able to go again to 0% in instant, in every hit.

2. For the next one there is not too much to say except practice, practice and more practice. Actually that goes for everything.Try to hit all sections (shoulder, bicep, elbow, forearm, wrist and fingers) of your arm simultaneously. if you do that it should produce one clean HIT.

3. Many poppers worry about point A and point B, but not what comes in between. Those are our transitions and with this one I think that all is in your head.You need to try and visualize how EVERYTHING you are doing is going to look. This is simple but hard. It needs a lots of brain power but eventually, with enough practice, it becomes part of you. So like I said before practice, practice, practice.

But don’t forget to have FUN. That is the main reason we are dancing, right?


  • Eddy Brewster commented Oct 10th 2014:
    Well I couldn't decide witch one I like more so I'm doing both. I'm grateful for your effort, I will try your tips and hopefully it will do me good. xD And YES, it is fun.
  • Shaw Fuller commented Oct 10th 2014:
    Yeah, dance is FUN. And I agree with Ognjen and stuff what he said. You need to be relaxed to hit hard and you need to see your self while you are dancing. Visualize your self dancing and just do it.
  • Braelyn Kingsley commented Oct 10th 2014:
    Yeah, just relax. Don't be to stiff.

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