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B-boying, breaking and breakdancing!?

Can someone explain to me difference between b-boying, breaking and breakdancing!? I would appreciate if someone would enlighten me.

I am young and confused.


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That is great question and deserves good answer.

Here it goes, I hope it will be good enough.

The terminology used to refer to b-boying (break-boying) or breaking changed after promotion by the mainstream media. When the movies Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo were released in 1984, all the styles of dance performed in those movies were put under the “breakdance” label. And if that was not enough, movie Breakin was released outside the United States as Breakdance: The Movie. What a ripoff, wouldn’t you say!?

The media followed this by calling all represented styles “breakdancing”.

There wouldn’t be any problem if all of that was true, but it isn’t

With this media stunt “breakdancing” became an inadvertent umbrella term among the general public for both breaking and the funk styles. And there is the main problem. The funk styles (locking, roboting, boogaloo, and popping) were created in California independent from breaking, which was created in New York. They are called funk styles because they were originally danced to funk music and to give them a separate identity from breaking, which is traditionally danced to break beats.

And because of that today old school b-boys or should I say purists, “breakdancing” consider as an ignorant term invented by the media that connotes exploitation of the art called b-boying.

I hope this was useful.

  • Edmund Jewell commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Finally, thank you so much. Now i feel like i accomplished something, even if you are the one who has done all the work. I thank you for that once more. I don't know why but i think that now i will enjoy dancing even more.
  • Ognjen Elcic commented Oct 9th 2014:
    I'm glad hearing that. I enjoy seeing other people enjoying dancing. I love to think that if you have passion you should learn about it as much as you can. More you know, more you will be engrossed in it and more will you enjoy it. Sooooo, try to learn. If it's something that you love it shouldn't be to hard to learn. I'm glad I was able to help.
  • Edmund Jewell commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Thx once more for this post, it was educational. I would love to read more about this topic so if you have time to post something I would gladly read it.
  • Ognjen Elcic commented Oct 9th 2014:
    What, you mean to tell me that I need to do more typing... NO WAY... JK, when time allows it, it will be new piece of history. Hopefully, other people won't day from boredom. xD Until then ...stay passionate...
  • Elea Russell commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Thx, great post, please do another. I would love to learn more about dance in general. Not just breaking but others styles also.
  • Braelyn Kingsley commented Oct 9th 2014:
    I would also love to hear about other styles, especially about popping.
  • Edmund Jewell commented Oct 9th 2014:
    See, I'm not alone. now you need to do another one. xD
  • Shaw Fuller commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Do locking next. I am lazy to do research by myself. PLS!!! Thx!!!
  • Ognjen Elcic commented Oct 9th 2014:
    kk, I'll do another one. I thought that no one reads this stuff. People hate to read. xD
  • Eddy Brewster commented Oct 9th 2014:
    And now you need to type even more. Cold water will soothe your tired fingers. And remember to eat, don't faint on us. :-D

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