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How to tut??? Where to start??? Please help!!!

Hey guys!
… and girls!
… and aliens!

I’m new to the world of dancing and I have a lot of questions but right now I will stick to this one.
I want to learn how to Tut but I don’t know where to start. Is there a good tutting tutorial???
Be aware that I’m complete noob, so nothing too complicated.

Thanks a bunch!!!


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Hey BrewMaster! xD

Sorry, I had to…

You asked where to start, well, you should start at the begining. At the very beginning.

At the begining of time, while stars where still in infancy, there was one king who used to go by the name of Tut, King Tut… and you could find him at this web adress…


He was really open minded king, he loved new techologies … and robots…

This tutorial should help you to start. In the begining it will be quite stressful to your joints and arms but don’t give up. More you train less stress will you feel, and it realy helps if you do your warm up routine diligently.

You just need to train and in no time you will become a Tuting Robot Alien.

  • Eddy Brewster commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Thx for this post, it was awesome... and funny. But you where right, it is stressful to my hands but it was worth it. It says part 1, is there other parts??? Btw, my aunt calls me that way since that one night that I don't remember to well, it was all fuzzy, if you know what i mean. :D
  • Ognjen Elcic commented Oct 9th 2014:
    xD Matter a fact there are other parts. http://enthusio.com/tutorial/679/Hip-Hop-Basics-Tutting-Pharaoh-Par... http://enthusio.com/tutorial/699/Hip-Hop-Basics-Tutting-Pharaoh-Par... http://enthusio.com/tutorial/705/Hip-Hop-Basics-Tutting-Pharaoh-Par... Have fun!
  • Eddy Brewster commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Thx, I'll look into those... I'm gonna have so much fun...

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This is great, thx so much but is there anything for my feet?

I’m to static, don’t know what to do with my legs…


  • Ognjen Elcic commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Let the magic begin... have fun with it... http://enthusio.com/tutorial/707/Hip-Hop-Basics-Magicians-Footwork-... http://enthusio.com/tutorial/708/Hip-Hop-Basics-Magicians-Footwork-... SALUTE!
  • Braelyn Kingsley commented Oct 9th 2014:
    I already know how to moonwalk but the second one is great... Thx...
  • Eddy Brewster commented Oct 9th 2014:
    Well, I don't... but now i will... xD

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