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"Only paragliding reveals my alter ego, a quiet and peaceful creature." - Jaka Gorenc


Mina: Do you remember your first paragliding flight? Where was it?

Jaka: Yes, it was long time ago, in 1997 from Krvavec mountain in Slovenija.

Mina: When did you start paragliding? When did you start training for


Jaka: I’m flying since 1997 but it was in 2003 when I started training for competitions.

Mina: Where did your love for paragliding come from? At which point did you know it was something you wanted to pursue?

Jaka: My father started paragliding two years before I did and during that time, I literally got the flying fever from him. I knew I would do it myself from the first time I saw a paraglider in the air.

Mina: How much time on average do you spend flying?

Jaka: I got two children in the last two years and I’m building a house. I rarely find spare time for flying, just some training before competitions and few tandem flights.

Mina: You are one of the best in your country. What is your training method for success?  What can you recommend to people who are just starting out?

Jaka: I fly on many different locations in different conditions. What is there to recommend? Never give up!

Mina: Tell me about the wing you fly? How about harness and other gear?

Jaka: My wing is the Bolero 4 from Gin Gliders, it suites me well, its fast enough and very good to control at low speed. Harness is from Sky Paragliders, model Airbag. I'm proud of my Alpina shoes though, they are made in Slovenia and factory modified for accuracy landing.

Mina: What do you do when you're not flying?

Jaka: Beside being a father, I run a vegetable farm and work at a restaurant. Then there is the paragliding school I’m part of and tandem flying. You see why I don’t find much time for training. :)

Mina: Do you have any sponsors? Who are they?

Jaka: Luckily I do thanks to Gin Gliders, Alpina and my father (Dušan Gorenc - competition judge) who is giving me all the support I can imagine...

Mina: Beside being your favorite sport, what differentiates paragliding

from other sports for you?

Jaka: Only paragliding reveals my alter ego, a quiet and peaceful creature.

Mina: Would you encourage your children to try paragliding and support them if they showed interest?

Jaka: My kids will get whatever they show passion for and beyond that.

Mina: What are your 3 favorite flying sites in the world?

Jaka: Budva in Montenegro, Praia a Mare in Italy and Mangartsko sedlo in Slovenia.

Mina: What are your 3 favorite flying sites in your country?

Jaka: Mangartsko sedlo, Dobrča and Straški hrib


Mina: Name 3 of your paragliding heroes:

Jaka: Dimitar Ralev, Tomaž Lednik, Dušan Gorenc

Mina: Biggest challenge so far?

Jaka: Building a house and having a big happy family.

Mina: The most beautiful thing about flying?

Jaka: The sound of wind.

Mina: What are your goals for the future?

Jaka: To raise my children and help them become happy and successful individuals is my official big goal for the future. And off the records, I want to become the best accuracy pilot in the history of FAI. =)

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