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"Paragliding is my passion and it gives me a lot of freedom." - Veselin Georgiev


Mina: Do you remember your first paragliding flight? Where was it?

Veselin: Yes, I do! It was in the Viskiar Mountain, near my native city Pernik, Bulgaria.

Mina: When did you start paragliding? When did you start training for competitions?

Veselin: I started paragliding five years ago. I started training for competitions a year after my first flight.

Mina: Where did your love for paragliding come from? At which point did you know it was something you wanted to pursue?

Veselin: I grew up surrounded by other paragliders, friends of my dad who is a paraglider himself. I got the love for this sport from him. When I was a child, every now and then he would take me flying with him. Since then I always wanted to become a paraglider.

Mina: How much time on average do you spend flying?

Veselin: I try to dedicate every minute of my spare time to paragliding.

Mina: You are one of the best in your country. What is your training method for success? What can you recommend to people who are just starting out?

Veselin: My training method for success is a combination of passion, a lot of practicing which includes many landings and a desire to improve with every flight.

First of all I would recommend enjoying it and then practicing a lot, it will lead naturally to perfection.

Mina: Tell me about the wing you fly? How about harness and other gear?

Veselin: The wing I fly is the Gradient Bright 4. It is one of the best wings for this kind of competitions.

Mina: What do you do when you're not flying?

Veselin: I like camping and spending time with friends.

Mina: Do you have any sponsors? Who are they?

Veselin: I don’t have any sponsors. However, the Sport Club where I am registered helps us a lot.

Mina: Beside being your favorite sport, what differentiates paragliding from other sports for you?

Veselin: Paragliding is my passion and it gives me a lot of freedom. The people I meet through this sport are very interesting and I can always learn something from them.

Mina: Would you encourage your children to try paragliding and support them if they showed interest?

Veselin: I don’t have any children yet. But if I would and they would show interest in paragliding, I would absolutely encourage them to follow their passion.

Mina: What are your 3 favorite flying sites in the world?

Veselin: Viskiar Mountain in Bulgaria, Galichitsa in Macedonia and Wasserkuppe in Germany.

Mina: What are your 3 favorite flying sites in your country?

Veselin: Viskiar Mountain as mentioned before, Koniavska Mountain and Shumenskoto Plato.

Mina: Biggest challenge so far?

Veselin: For me, every competition is a challenge and every makes me feel nervous. I fully commit myself to it.

Mina: The most beautiful thing about flying?

Veselin: Freedom.

Mina: What are your goals for the future?

Veselin: My next goal is to become first on the 7th FAI World Accuracy Paragliding Championships.

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