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"This is an honest sport. There is no room for cheating up in the air." - Vikhor Yauheni


Mina: Do you remember your first paragliding flight? Where was it?

Vihkor: Yes I do, in 1994 in a ravine near my house.

Mina: Where did your love for paragliding come from? At which point did you know it was something you wanted to pursue?

Vihkor: I experienced flying for the first time through parachuting. Right after the first flight I knew I wanted to do it again, and again, and again ... I guess my love for paragliding was a natural progression from that point on.

Mina: How much time on average do you spend flying?

Vihkor: I usually fly 30 hours a year, but this one has been extraordinary great allowing me to fly more then 60 hours.

Mina: You are one of the best in your country. What is your training method for success? What can you recommend to people who are just starting out?

Vihkor: It's very simple, you just have to really want it. There is no recipe for success or a secret to it. Just do it and the desire for becoming better at it will come naturally.

Mina: Tell me about the wing you fly? How about harness and other gear?

Vihkor: I fly with the Mescal wing from Skywalk I bought for competitions.

Mina: What do you do when you're not flying?

Vihkor: I work as a manager, ride a kite, snowboard in winter and have my three children keeping me quite busy.

Mina: Do you have any sponsors? Who are they?

Vihkor: Yes, JSC "Mozyr oil refinery".

Mina: Beside being your favorite sport, what differentiates paragliding from other sports for you?

Vihkor: This is an honest sport. There is no room for cheating up in the air.

Mina: Would you encourage your children to try paragliding and support them if they showed interest?

Vihkor: Of course I would help them if they would show interest.

Mina: What are your 3 favorite flying sites in the world?

Vihkor: Ridge Borzhava and Klementieva in Ukraine.

Mina: What are your 3 favorite flying sites in your country?

Vihkor: Mozyr in Belorusia.

Mina: Name 3 of your paragliding heroes:

Vihkor: Tsvetan Tzolov, Mihail Goncharov-Gorianskiy and Andrey Vitchenko.

Mina: Biggest challenge so far?

Vihkor: There are not many legal flying sites in my country. We have to be very careful and fly where we can't be spotted. I addition to that, of course the weather needs to be on our side ... Every flight is always a new challange. ;)

Mina: The most beautiful thing about flying?

Vihkor: The fact that you are actually flying and that the desire for more is absolutely always present.

Mina: What are your goals for the future?

Vihkor: World Air Games.

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