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Checking to see if this Protien was ok to use ?


This is an AMWAY product i was told was good , Not that i am a vegetarian .

But i recently picked this up and was using it for my morning smoothie .

I am also planning to use it for my slow carb 30g protein requirement .



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From the link: "We gathered more good things from nature to bring you a unique tri-blend of soy, wheat, and pea protein."

If you are following SCD, then you should be avoiding wheat and peas. If you are a male following SCD that is concerned with the estrogenetic effects of soy (discussed in the 4HB), then you should be avoiding soy as well.

On the whole, if you are not vegetarian then I see no reason to resort to vegetable based proteins, as animal based proteins are more common, cheaper and do the job just as, if not more effectively.

Consider instead getting a milk-based protein powder, but:

If you are using the protein powder as a meal replacement preferentially over a workout recovery drink, then you would benefit from understanding a little more about the difference between whey and casein powders, check this link for more details, but a quick synapse:

Whey = fast digesting/absorbing, can cause insulin spike (good for post-workout)

Casein = slow digesting (feel full longer), little to no insulin spike (good for meal replacement)

Another option if you cannot tolerate milk-based proteins would be egg-based protein powders.

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