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Adjustments for Women? No success so far...

I've been following the slow-carb diet for 8 weeks now. I've read & re-read the book, I take the supplements, and I am strict about what I eat. My boyfriend has been living the 4-hour lifestyle for over a year and he looks fantastic, but I have done nothing but gain weight since joining him on this plan. In 8 weeks I've actually gone UP a clothing size, which is very discouraging. Any thoughts on modifications or common missteps? I want to make this work, but I am not sure what I need to change.


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Hopefully we can help you. Do you have very much weight to lose, if not sometimes it takes a bit longer to get started. Did you measure and weigh when you started. If you'd like help you need to post your meals for a day or so, how much water you are drinking, and if you are exercising at all.

  • Laura Ramsey commented Jun 10th 2013:

    Thank you for the quick response! I keep trying to edit my original post to include meals, but the page won't load, so I'm going to post details here & meals on the other answer.

    I do not have a ton of weight to lose - around 15 pounds total, so maybe it's just slow to start. I was using the scale & weighing myself a lot early on, but I've been trying to rely more on measurements recently.

    I ran 2 5Ks per month January-May and have 1 this month, so I train lightly for those just to stay in shape, but overall I do not exercise consistently.

    I have 16-20 oz of water at every meal, 12 oz cold water first thing in the morning, and I try to keep a full water bottle with me at all times to hydrate throughout the day.

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If you'd like to write down a daily meal sample, it might be helpful.

I am a 30's woman with about 10 lbs to loose. It has been really slow going and any 'cheating' aside from cheat day lands me with a weight gain.

Also I've done the test a few times, you have to eat protein in the AM right after you wake up. If you are small one boiled egg or even half an avocado is OK, but something to kick start the system.

My first week I lost 2 lbs, second week I exercised and lost another 4. I've lagged since then with the last 10, but I've also been cheating a lot. (taking the weekend instead of a day for cheat foods). Also dairy, tofu and nuts will ruin your plan. And even a cookie a little tiny bit of suger on diet days will halt the weight loss for women.

  • Laura Ramsey commented Jun 10th 2013:

    Thank you for your response! Here's a sample of my daily meals:


    1 egg + 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup ground turkey, 1/4-1/3 can of black beans, 1/3 cup mixed vegetables


    Spinach & arugula salad with grilled chicken or salmon, 1 hard-boiled egg, and mixed vegetables


    2-3 baked chicken tenderloins, 1/3 can black beans, side salad or mixed vegetables, 1 glass red wine

    Before Bed:

    PAG supplements with 1 Tbsp almond butter

    One problem that I run into is that with my job I often do not get to pick the venue for my lunch or dinner and have to get creative to stick to the plan. I make sure to avoid foods that are obviously not on plan, but if you have any other suggestions on foods that stall the diet those would be very much appreciated.

  • Michael Rockefeller commented Jun 10th 2013:

    Almont Butter and wine can cause stalls; you might want to try a week or two where you don't have any at all to see if that causes a change (I know that will be difficult, I go through 1-2 bottles of red a week). Also do a quick check on your calories and bounce that against your BMR; if you're not getting enough calories your body won't burn fat.

  • Amanda Ridding commented Jun 11th 2013:

    Also maybe try removing the red wine. The idea is to experiment for a week, track results, keep what works, ditch what doesn't work.


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Hi, what are in the mixed veggies on your menu? For example, carrots and peas are not allowed on the plan.

  • Ihatethelaw 666 commented Jun 12th 2013:

    Almonds are the worst. I've had to limit all possible nut type products and dairy. I also end up going out to eat a lot, and that's a challenge, because a little bit of hidden sugar in salad dressing or some breading on a pice of 'grilled' meat can trigger a sugar spike. (read bird/soup analogy in another message I posted).

    I have to disagree about the wine, I have a stressful job and I like that glass of red wine to relax. My wait gain hasn't been stalled by wine. It has been stalled by drinking cocktails, or white wine. Plus when I go out, I will often eat beforehand and just nurse a glass of wine with salad, instead of having a meal.

    Try doing no almonds, no supplements and see if it goes better.

  • Laura Ramsey commented Jun 13th 2013:

    I knew carrots were off limits but didn't realize about peas- though that makes sense. I'll cut those out. Other than those my veggies consist of spinach, broccoli, and green beams. I can take a week off from the supplements and almond butter and see if it makes a difference. The wine is unavoidable when I am working, but I am staying away from whites, spirits, and beer to keep the sugar down.

    I am greatful for all the feedback so far. Any other suggestions on hidden food dangers/ sugar bombs?


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I am having super similar problems! I don't know what is wrong, but maybe you are on to something with the "women" thing as my boyfriend already has a six pack and after 4 weeks, I remain stagnant.

This shocks me because I was eating like a pig pre-slow carb - dessert nearly daily, lots of carbs (I'm a francophile and so a baguette and cheese constituted a meal for me before I started), and tons more dairy than I eat now.

As Tim says dairy isn't recommended, but isn't necessarily restricted, I've left in moderate amounts of diary and have a glass of wine on occasion, but I can't believe I haven't gotten any more slim by cutting desserts and bread for a month! And I mean, if it doesn't help me loose weight, why else would I do that? I love desserts and bread!

I would love some advice -- feeling pretty lost, and it seems like the solution from most commenters is to just get extra strict and cut out everything (maybe that's the secret, make it so bland you stop eating entirely!)... my diet already feels pretty strict:

meats/ proteins: steak, chicken (breasts, wings, drumsticks), eggs, sausage (ground, gluten free, no casings)

veggies: spinach, brussel sprouts, onions, tomatos when in salsa, avocado (limit 1 serving/ day), cabbage, lettuce (romaine), bell peppers

legumes: black beans, french (green) lentils -- cooked in water, not chicken stock...

occasionally I add:

dairy: cheese on my salad, sour cream

My meals are all pretty much made up of some combination of those... I season with salt, pepper, and some sort of flavoring à la tabasco or a hummus.

I swear I am doing this as I described. I don't have some sort of sleep eating disorder and I'm not making up my measurements. HALP PLEASE!

  • Laura Ramsey commented Jun 24th 2013:

    I just added an update to my original post. It wouldn't let me edit my question on here, so I wrote it as a new question/tip on the board. I've listed a few things that I noticed the last 2 weeks while I was being very picky & strict about the diet. I hope that you find the update helpful. Please continue to post what works & what doesn't so we can all find the best practices for success :)

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