The Kinjaz

***The Kinjaz*** are a **Los Angeles**-based performance group, formed initially by **Mike Song** and **Anthony Lee**, that uniquely combine...
Los Angeles, California


Ognjen Elcic said:

  • Through their fusion of theatrics, intricate choreography, and comedy, the 'brother ninjas' create a mystical ninja world
  • This is bunch of talented people. And where there is talent, GREATNESS is INEVITABLE!
  • Members of this crew were at 'America's Best Dance Crew', The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers "LXD", and Jabbawockeez's Mus.I.C. Show

Amos Kalif said:

  • They look a bit real

Arnaud LI said:

  • They bring intense passion in their performance. I have never seen anything like that.

Justin Jalandoni said:

  • Their technique, aesthetics, and amount of hard work they put it out of this world!

Bin Jiang said:

  • Best