Stephen 'tWitch' Boss

***Stephen "tWitch" Boss*** (born, 1982) is a *freestyle hip-hop* dancer from **[[Montgomery, Alabama]]**. He attended **[[Chapman Universit...
Los Angeles, California


Ognjen Elcic said:

  • This dancer has one of the most colorful resume in the business. One look at his life and you can see how amazing this person is.
  • He is also Emmy nominated for a piece 'Mercy' , that he danced with Katee Shean, witch is choreographed by famous Mia Michaels
  • He landed role of Jason in 3rd and 4th installment of movie Step Up and has lots of other dancing/acting roles in the movie industry.

Cathy Joseph said:

  • He is so creative with his dance moves. They flow naturally to him with every hit of the beat of a song.