Marquese "NonStop" Scott

**[[Marquese Scott]]** was born November 5, 1981 in **[[Englewood, California]]** He was first exposed to dancing when he noticed a danc...
Atlanta, Georgia


Ognjen Elcic said:

  • With his dancing to the Butch Clancy remix of Foster the People's Pumped up Kicks he got over 100 million views at YouTube
  • Like his name says, he is moving nonstop but the way he is doing it is extraordinary.
  • He specializes at animation, popping and waving and thanks to his breath taking style he danced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and performed worldwide.

Erika Ferencz said:

  • I love he's style,he's moves and he's skills. I love Marquese Scott ! He's the BEST DANCER !

Abecassis Philippe said:

  • His dancing with total connection, effects, many techniques perfectly mastered...

Nyan Htet said:

  • Amazing dancer

Omprakash Behera said:

  • My fev... dancer