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Best Bluetooth headsets compatible with iPad

I've read everywhere that the Apple ipad only 'likes' certain bluetooth headsets and ignores others. I need to get a bluetooth headset so I can lis...

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When will the Mint app be available for the iPad?

Does anyone know if and when the iPad version of the Mint.com app will be coming out? The iPhone version is not really very practical on the iPad....

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Best iPad speech-to-text app

I write a lot emails with my iPad so it would be nice if there was an app where I could just record myself talking and it converted my voice into ...


Best iPad app for recording audio

I'm looking for an iPad app to do some voice recording. Specifically I'd like an app that lets me record interviews and then lets me export the r...


Should I jailbreak my iPad?

Is it illegal or legal? Will it void the warranty? Will I lose my existing apps? Will it crash a lot if I jailbreak it? I've heard so many things ...

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Best free iPad app for business

I'm looking for the best free iPad app for business. Can anyone recommend an app?

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