Frank Stephenson

Frank Stephenson is an American automobile designer best known for his 2001 design of the award winning Mini Hatch, and award winning design...
Woking, United Kingdom


Gaye Brodie said:

  • Frank has an amazing way of integrating design of cars with nature. He has a very real special talent.

Gloria Budd said:

  • Design is in Franks DNA, he is dedicated, focused, and passionate about his work. - he is also a very good man and exceptional at his craft.

Helena Coan said:

  • His designs are the most iconic and most varied in this list. He is able to apply his talents to everyday cars as well as supercars

Steve Clark said:

  • A hugely talented designer that can lend his skill to any kind of car, be it a super car or a small family car. His folio speaks for itself.