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Slow-carb dinner eye-candy

Just because you can't eat candy doesn't mean you can't have a little eye-candy with your dinner!! Tonight I thought I'd treat myself to a little ...

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Anyone tried kettlebell swings yet?

I'm looking forward to trying out the kettlebell swings after reading about them in the book. I'm definitely more biased toward the idea of the ke...

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Best body composition scale?

Which body composition scale is best for measuring body fat and muscle percentages? The one I'm currently using isn't accurate at all.

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Error: The selected files could not be copied from '' because this machine is not a member of the Home Share for the account ''

I tried to copy some music files on my iPad into my iTunes Library but I received this error &quotThe selected files could not be copied from ...

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What is the process of buying a house?

As a first-time home buyer what do I need to know and what are the steps of buying a new home?

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Fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage, which is better?

I've heard horror stories about adjustable rate mortgages yet the interest rate seems lower than fixed rate mortgages. Which is better?


How much are closing costs when buying a house?

What are the typical types of closing costs to expect when buying a house and how much do they cost on average?


How do I get a mortgage as a first-time buyer?

I'm in the market to buy a house and would like to know what process is involved in securing a mortgage with a lender.


What can I afford to pay when I buy a house?

I'm a first-time home buyer. When researching houses how do I determine what price range I can afford to pay and how good does my credit have to b...


What are the basics of making an offer for a house?

What do I need to do once I've found my dream home?


Who pays for what when closing a home?

What are the general "customary" practices?

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What is a real estate escrow?

I heard every buyer needs one when purchasing a home.


How much should I offer on a house that I want to buy?

How do I know how much is too little vs too much?

When to know when to buy?

ya know?


What is tomato blight and how do you prevent it?

I've heard that tomato blight can take out a whole season of tomato crops if it strikes. What exactly is it how do you know if your tomato has it...


Do you have any tips for moving an heirloom tomato plant in from the garden for the winter?

It is beautiful and healthy and still producing flowers. The main stalks fell over and there is additional growth at the base that has sprouted int...


Where can I buy heritage or heirloom tomato plants in Montreal, Canada? Can I order ahead of time?

looking for seedlings or small plants not seeds themselves.