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Best Hip Hop Dancers - Ladies Edition -

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking, and popping which were created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.1980s films, television shows, and the Internet have contributed to introducing hip-hop dance in and outside of the United States.
To qualify
  • Needs to be a Female
  • Dance style needs to be Hip Hop or some of the sub styles
To score
  • For there Performances
  • And of course for there pure AWESOMENESS
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Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia-And-Herzegovina flag
Koharu (Koko) is one of the top dancer/choreographer in the Hip Hop dance community worldwide. Originally from Japan, she has worked with a lot of big Japanese and Asian artists such as Namie Amuro...
There is special fleva' around this girl. I can't point my finger, but she seams so full of joy while she is dancing.

Los Angeles, California

Olivia Irene Gonzales , better known as Chachi Gonzales, is an American dancer, choreographer and occasional actress. She is a member of the dance crew I.aM.mE, which won the sixth season of Americ...
When you see her you think. naaaaaaaa, she can't dance. Boy, where you wrong. When she dances earth itself starts to groove!

Los Angeles, California

Nika Kljun. Dancer. Choreographer. Artist. Daughter of two Slovenian faces in the entertainment industry, Nika was destined to stardom. Her passion for dance and love for the stage began at her pa...
She worked with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-yo, Pitbull, T-Pain, One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Jessica Sanchez, Donna Summer, Kaya Jones and many others


Street dancer who it is member of BE-BOP-CREW, and attracts attention now in not only Japan but also the world as ebony. She judged and performed allover the world. She worked on performance on th...
World renowned judge, dancer, and performer.

North Hollywood, California

Aye Hasegawa was born in San Francisco CA but raised in Japan. She first encountered dance while attending college and fell in love. Aye is an active member of both the community and the industry s...
You can find Aye dancing away in David Guetta's music video 'One Love'

Los Angeles, California

Megan Batoon is an online and out-of-line personality: Host of World of Dance Weekly,Batoonchitime, and dancer. She is also a comedian doing lots of sketches alone and with Youtube community. Fir...
Host of World of Dance Weekly and of her own's channel Batoonchitime.
Hailing from Detroit, Mi. Kenya “Standing Ovation” Sutton is an inspiring hard working female dancer. Her style of dance is called Beat Manipulation. Since a very young age, Kenya knew ...
Her style of dance is called Beat Manipulation and since a very young age, she strived to become one of the most creative, innovative female dancers

North Hollywood, California

Ellen Kim, a California native, was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Francisco. After dancing for thirteen years in the SF Bay Area, she made the decision to move to LA to continue her career ...
Choreographed for musical artists in Indonesia and Korea and has danced with artists such as Beyonce, Amerie, LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, and STOMP

Los Angeles, California

Born 21 March 1992 in Děčín, Czech Republic, better known by her nickname Jaja, is a Czech dancer and choreographer. She started dancing at age 14 doing freestyle dancing and battling, then late...
She appeared on Paramount's The 'LXD' Season 3, and also in the 'AXI' series, directed by Shawn Welling.

Paris , France

Dancer, Choreographer & Professor, Laure Courtellemont is well-known worldwide as the best in her profession. At the creation of Ragga Jam: a concept of pedagogical and choreographic vision of ...
Laure became the spokes model of the European campaign 'TAKE SPORT ADD MUSIC' of NIKE-Europe and danced in the most prestigious areas of Paris.
Laura Defretin aka Nala is a Paris based dancer. She started following her passion at the age of 6 and since then has made a name for herself. She has partaken in various international Hip Hop comp...
She is from Paris and is beautiful but don't let that full you. She doesn't need prince in shining armor. She can hold her ground on her own.

Richmond, California

LADIA YATES, a California Bay Area native, was discovered to possess a natural talent for dance and love for music at an early age. In 2006, LADIA took a leap of faith and moved to Memphis, TN. She...
She took advantage of every chance by participating in talent shows and major dance battles throughout the state of Tennessee and won every single one

North Hollywood, California

Discovered in greater Los Angeles, “Miss Prissy” is one of the most well rounded entertainers the south side of Hollywood has ever seen before. She is trained in all areas of dance, from ballet...
She danced on tours with Snoop Dogg and Madonna and has her own music album that goes by the name of 'Diamond in the Ruff'.