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Underwater photography requires special equipment and the knowledge of unique techniques about correct exposure, accurate focus, controlled movement of the subject, a pleasing color balance and mastery in low light photography. Underwater photos offen suffer from loss of color and contrast when taken at a significant depth. Such photos are always adjusted with color balance to help offset the blueish tint of the water.

Since underwater photography is a specialized art, relatively few photographers attempt it, and even fewer master this art. But those that do, often create rare, fresh and truly uniquely vivid photos. This is "people choice" for those amont them that have perfected this skill and took this art to whole new level. Enjoy, vote and support these wonderful artists so they can keep creating.

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San Francisco, California

"Photography has always been a passion for me, but not until I became a scuba diver had the spark truly ignited when my interest in underwater photography began to inspire me in a new ways. ...
Cause she's the best

San Francisco, California

Eric Cheng is an award-winning underwater photographer whose photos have been published in over 60 magazines and books worldwide, and featured in the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum. He is the...
Good pictures

Clayton, New York

Some of his subjects are powerful and threatening, some are delicate, shy and elusive, but all are presented with an artistry and style that are easily and immediately recognizable. With a highly respected body of work that grows continuously, his images are always pushing the limits of underwater photography to new levels.
Underwater photography is Alexander's just a hobby. But for amateur he makes amazing photos. In last few years he had traveled extensively and have photographed marine wildlife in many exotic divin...
You rock!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

“It is not about the eyes, camera or lenses; I take photos with my heart. I am in love with the subjects I capture and I want to spread that love through my images. I hope you all have a good tim...
I really likes the way how he approaches animals hehe (you know what i mean) hehe

Milford, Massachusetts

Brian Skerry can be called many things – explorer, journalist, conservation advocate – but he is first and foremost a photographer. His journeys to capture amazing underwater photographs have taken him across the world’s oceans, where he has witnessed some of the most beautiful, diverse, and threatened environments on the planet.

Mississauga, Canada

Named one of the 2013 'Five Underwater Photographers to Keep an Eye on', 28-year-old Canadian Keri Wilk has been using his background in physics and his role as owner at ReefNet to expand his art. ...
He's amazing

Monterey, California

There’s no place on earth more remote than below Antarctic pack ice, and thanks to Norbert Wu, we can catch a rare glimpse into a world most of us will never experience in our lives. Wu breathtak...
The most "WOW" I've enjoyed in any published book of underwater photos.

Makawao, Hawaii

David's award winning photographs have been published around the globe, with over two hundred magazine covers to date. His work has been appeared in every North American diving publication as well as National Geographic. In 1991 his photograph of a sandbar shark appeared on the cover of LIFE. It is the only underwater photograph to ever be selected for the cover.