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Macarons, a delicate one-bite confection originating from Paris, have become a global sensation, reaching a cult-like status around the world. Made from two discs of flaky, light-as-air meringue filled with flavored jam, ganache or buttercream, macarons are the ultimate indulgence and can be found all over the world in an endless array of flavor and color combinations.

Only the best pastry chefs and patisseries have mastered the art of the macaron, striking the perfect balance between crunchy, chewy, moist, and smooth, evident in only the best macarons. Ladurée, the originator of the macaron, has gone on to become an international mass-produced macaron empire, while smaller boutiques are still hand-crafting their precious objets d’art for their loyal following. This award for the boutique pastry chefs who are making a big splash with their truly outstanding macarons worthy of worldwide acclaim.

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San Francisco, CaliforniaUnited-States flag

Melbourne, Australia

With a very unique taste in film Maylynn Tsoi is not your average entrepreneur. She has built La Belle Miette from the ground up with a passion for French patisserie that was born from making desse...
Maylynn creates innovative macaron flavors such as the Pimms Pomegranate, Cherry Blossom Sake, and Moet et Chandon champagne with black currant

Los Angeles, California

Kristy Therrien of Sweet Insanity Bake Shop trained with Stephane Treand, MOF & endured months of practice to get her macaron shells to come out consistently. Now that she has gotten her flavor...
Creativity exceptional taste

Chicago, Illinois

Sandra Holl is a pastry chef and owner of Floriole patisserie in Chicago with her husband Mathieu Holl. Sandra Holl was trained in San Francisco at the California Culinary Academy and worked as a b...
Sandra Holl's macarons are flawlessly light, airy, and full of delicate flavor--leagues beyond usual sugary versions.

Bordeaux, France

Philippe Andrieu is a pastry chef from Souillac, France, known for his years spent as the pastry chef at Patisserie Laduree in Paris. Philippe Andrieu is not any ordinary baker. His is a skilled ch...
Andrieu started a global macaron movement when his book, 'Laduree Sucre', revealed the secret recipe of the original macaron for the first time ever.
After graduating with a BA in Art History from Syracuse University, Eugenia Theodosopoulos moved to Paris so that she could learn to speak French and advance her culinary skills at the famous Ecole...
She perfected her macaron technique at the famed Ecole Lenotre in Paris, reflected in her technically flawless macarons with gorgeously-piped fillings

San Francisco, California

Meg Ray is the owner/pastry chef of Miette Cakes in San Francisco, a San Francisco institution that started out as a stall at the farmers’ market in Berkeley and later moved to the Ferry Building...
Meg's macarons are always consistent, with a perfectly brittle outer shell that's moist chewy on the inside and filled with velvety-smooth goodness.