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The introduction of molecular gastronomy into modern cuisine took the culinary world by storm and started a movement that has become an international revolution. Using groundbreaking technology and molecular techniques pioneered by Ferran Adria, the chefs that followed in his footsteps have become the leaders of innovation in modernist cooking today. This award is designed to recognize the most innovative molecular chefs who have dared to defy culinary traditions and reinvent the dining experience into something otherworldly.

To qualify
  • Chef de cuisine head chef executive chef
  • Molecular gastronomy techniques utilized
To score
  • Innovative preparation
  • Inventive presentation trompe l oeil
  • Molecular techniques applied with discretion

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Heston Blumenthal

Bray, United KingdomUnited-Kingdom flag
I've got around 400 cookbooks.

ceco said:

  • Self-taught chef, rule-breaking, delivering fresh, tasty and unusual experiments
  • Fun guy in real life, but molecular gastronomy wizard when he steps in the kitchen
  • Produced brilliant series on homemade cooking: "How To Cook Like Heston

mary george said:

  • All five senses, even sound, are built into the dining experience. His 'Sound of the Sea' is served with a seashell iPod for listening to the waves.
  • He boldly stretches the boundaries of what's possible with food, creating dishes like the ejaculating cake, a volcanic cake that erupts with bubbles.
  • Amazing tableside theatrics: the waiter turns a rose petal into an egg which is then cracked into liquid nitrogen and whisked into bacon ice cream.

Clare Casey said:

Rafay Sarmad said:

Joey Lawrence said:

  • Self-taught chef, rule-breaking, delivering fresh, tasty and unusual experiments
  • Fun guy in real life, but molecular gastronomy wizard when he steps in the kitchen
  • Produced brilliant series on homemade cooking: "How To Cook Like Heston

Christianto Putra said:

  • Self-thought chef - enough said.
  • Utilizes almost all aspects of science into his food. truly amazing
  • Although he's in the kitchen he still keeps up with the basic rules of science

Lars Hanssen said:

  • Innovative
  • Outstanding Chef!!
  • Spreads his knowledge in a brilliant manner!

Nikos Gerempakanis said:

  • Built a 3 star, innovative restaurant from scratch, with next-to-zero working in restaurants experience
  • Physics, chemistry, cooperating with Universities around the world to perfect his craft
  • Obsessive, doesn't settle for less than perfect

Ahmed Nazar said:

  • He uses science to enhance not only flavor but texture
  • He is always trying to search for a better way to cook trying to find new better ways
  • He experiments a lot which makes his options open when cooking new things. that gives him perspective

Noor Azizi said:

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Ferran Adria

Barcelona, SpainSpain flag
Ferran Adrià began his culinary career in 1980 during his stint as a dishwasher at the Hotel Playafels, in the town of Castelldefels. The chef de cuisine at this hotel taught him traditional Spanish cuisine. At 19 he was drafted into military service where he worked as a cook... full profile >

ceco said:

  • Ferran's former restaurant El Bulli was rated the best restaurant in the world four years in a row, with a 3-star Michelin rating
  • He has made the biggest contribution to molecular gastronomy today, spawning some of the most innovative dishes in the world.
  • He can turn asparagus into bread and almonds into cheese, Ferran doesn't just feed you, he gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

alejandro torres said:

  • El Bulli closed 6 months each year to develop new dishes in a lab which included a chemist. One year, 4000 tests were run, with only 300 succeeding.
  • He spent 3 years perfecting what he coined spherification, a molecular process where fluid is encased in a sphere-recreating an olive from its juice.
  • Joel Robuchon named Ferran Adria the 'Best Chef in the World', and is listed on Time magazine's '100 most influential personalities on the planet'.

Kiki Muñoz said:

  • He has raised cuisine to another dimension.
  • Searching,experimenting
  • He's not a prima donna,team player

Juan Vega said:

  • The legacy He has created in modern cuisine
  • The inspiration He has caused in a new generations of chefs
  • The passion that he has transmitted into the cooking art

Henrique de Mattos said:

Aleksandro GutiérrezTorrano said:

Laura Mena said:

  • It has changed the cousine
  • Most of the other chefs followed him
  • He is still innovating

Agostinho Faria said:

Steven Fernandes said:

  • He has great amazing techniques

Functional Trendfood said:

  • Hace tiene una mente clara
  • Es increblemente disciplinado
  • Que combina la creatividad y perfeccionismo absoluto
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Grant Achatz

Chicago, IllinoisUnited-States flag
Grant Achatz is an American chef and restaurateur best known for being one of the top leaders of molecular gastronomy. His innovations have earned him several awards from the James Beard Foundation including "Rising Star Chef of the Year Award" for 2003, and "Best Chef in the ... full profile >

Priscilla Garibaldi said:

  • He invented radical new ways to prepare present dishes, such as the helium-filled balloon that you eat, inhale the helium then talk like a chipmunk.
  • Drawing from techniques learned from Ferran Adria, Achatz manipulates scents, texture, and temperature to deliver an emotional experience in his food.
  • Achatz develops innovative flavor profiles, pairing unlikely flavors together such as passion fruit allspice, and lobster chamomile.

Melodie Grzywinski said:

Charlie Johnson said:

Ottorino Mauri said:

  • Perch ha fantasia, disciplina e rigore

Alejandra Villalvazo said:

Mary Hannaford said:

  • Grant Achatz achieved everything he has through perseverance and an unbelievably drive to make something new and different.
  • Even when struggling with cancer and he was unable to eat solid foods or even taste, this man was in the kitchen every day.
  • He has worked so hard to achieve what he has, but he is still more than willing to teach and share what he knows with others.

Jharied Acocoro said:

  • I see his passion in terms of giving satisfaction & happiness to his customers that's why he study and creates unique & mind-blowing ideas and dishes.
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Jose Andres

Washington, District of ColumbiaUnited-States flag
José Ramón Andrés Puerta, known as José Andrés, is a Spanish chef often credited for bringing the small plates dining concept as well as avant-garde cooking to America. His flagship restaurants, minibar (located in Washington D.C.) and "é" (located in Las Vegas) focus sp... full profile >

Monnie G. nominated Jose and said:

  • His innovations have included everything from caramelizing olive oil to turning potato chips into foam to serving tapas inside of crystal shoes.
  • He owns world class restaurants, is the dean of The International Culinary Centre and one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World.
  • Jose Andres is an internationally-recognized culinary innovator, successfully interpreting both avant-garde and traditional Spanish cuisine.

natalie davies said:

  • Andres beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America.
  • Andres introduced a solar-powered cooking stove to Haiti after the big earthquake crippled their country.
  • Jose loves his customers: he built a cotton candy dome to hide an engagement ring inside of, and for NASA he created a sorbet that looked like Saturn.

Karla LJ said:

  • Think food group
  • Has worked his way up, and built his empire from zero
  • Has studied the science behind food and teaches a class

Yayo Delgado said:

Jon Sonnenberg said:

  • His innovations have included everything from caramelizing olive oil to turning potato chips into foam to serving tapas inside of crystal shoes.

Stephan Durand said:

  • I have been to his restaurant many times and his dishes never sees to amaze me

Seiji Yamamoto

Tokyo, JapanJapan flag
Seiji Yamamoto is the chef and owner of the 3-Michelin-starred restaurant Nihonryori RyuGin in Roppongi, Tokyo. Hailed as Japan’s leading molecular gastronomist, Seiji Yamamoto applies cutting-edge technology to the tradition of kaiseki-ryori, which involves a theatrical ser... full profile >

Monnie G. nominated Seiji and said:

  • Yamamoto's creations are dazzling and inventive yet still rooted in kaiseki tradition, using new techniques only when appropriate.
  • His best dishes include a Candy Apple, powdered ice cream encased inside a candy shell and a crab hot pot annotated with a sketch of how it was made.
  • He quest for knowledge is limitless, once sending in a sea eel for a CT scan to better understand its bone structure and create the cleanest cut.

ron murphy said:

  • Seiji's restaurant Ryugin won the 2013 Chefs' Choice award for Best Restaurant in Asia, as voted by his fellow chefs.
  • His dishes are playful enough to intrigue your curiosity without compromising classic flavors and preparation.
  • His ideas are revolutionary: he silk-screens a squid-ink QR barcode onto the plate which can be scanned by a cell phone to read more about the dish.

Bernardo Worms said:

Max Davidson said:

  • Yamamoto's creations are dazzling and inventive

Luke Lee said:

Evgeniy Barabanshchikov said:

Andoni Aduriz

Donostia-san Sebastián, SpainSpain flag
Andoni Luis Aduriz is perhaps the most interesting, as well as the number three chef in the world. For a chef who has two research scientists and a lab responsible for some of the most revolutionary advances in food, Aduriz only started cooking because by age 14, he had fai... full profile >

david carey said:

  • Aduriz epitomizes the farm-to-table movement, using vegetables from his garden, fresh farmers' milk, forest-picked mushrooms, and local spring water.
  • During El Bulli's last days, when Ferran Adria was asked who would become the best chef in the world, he named Andoni Aduriz after his brother Albert.
  • Aduriz's food transcends molecular gastronomy tricks, creating true works of art that strive to blend complex techniques seamlessly into every dish.

bobby anderson said:

  • Part botanist, part poet, part mad scientist, Aduriz famously studied the molecular structure of liver to reinvent the texture of foie gras.
  • Instead of serving wine with dinner, he boldly served water infusions made with pure crystalline water from a disappearing treasured local spring.
  • He worked with botanists to learn which plants near the restaurant were edible, inspiring new dishes that include wild flowers, herbs, and leaves.

danielle roberts said:

  • At the start of the meal, two envelopes are presented, inviting you to either ''submit'' or ''rebel'', encouraging diners surrender to the experience.
  • He made dramatic films of his new dishes: a dessert that looks like rusty nails, and a savory macaron with pig blood meringue and duck liver filling.
  • He makes the dining experience fun. His trademark dish "Edible Stones" are potatoes baked in gray clay, tricking you into thinking they are stones.

Yoshihiro Narisawa

Tokyo, JapanJapan flag
Yoshihiro Narisawa (成澤由浩) is a Japanese chef and owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Narisawa in Tokyo. His restaurant was voted the World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards from 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, and includes four times as "The Best of Asia". He start... full profile >

tony liu nominated Yoshihiro and said:

  • Narisawa's world famous 'forest bread' rises above a tealight and is then baked tableside in a 300C stone mortar, releasing amazing aromas of maple.
  • He strives for perfection, once working with university professors and chemistry researchers to determine the ideal temperature for cooking red meat.
  • Narisawa was named San Pellegrino's 'Best Restaurant in Asia' and was the first Japanese restaurant to join the 'Worlds 50 Best Restaurants' list.

john loki said:

  • He built a pool below his restaurant to holds the live fish, shrimp, and langoustines that are delivered each morning straight from the fisherman.
  • His dedication to nature is profound, incorporating themes from nature into his dishes like 'earth' and 'sea', and recreating landscapes on the plate.
  • Narisawa's trademark ingredient is sumi, ashes made from carbonized leeks which are cured for 3 days. The ashes have a cleansing effect on the body.

RJ Cooper

Mclean, VirginiaUnited-States flag
RJ Cooper is chef-owner of Rogue 24 in Washington DC and the 2007 James Beard Foundation award winner for Best Chef (Mid-Atlantic). RJ Cooper grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and at the young age of 10, Cooper imagined himself a rock star chef, playing in the kitchen with his ... full profile >

carl roberts said:

  • Cooper's molecular creations include nitro-frozen shaved foie gras and a liquid-chicken-filled orb that bursts in your mouth like a shanghai dumpling.
  • Cooper manipulates textures and flavors into new arrangements and shapes.
  • Cooper has staged Rogue 24 as an open gastronomic theater where you witness your meal being meticulously assembled by the chefs.

Bojan Zagar said:

  • Cooper's molecular creations include nitro-frozen shaved foie gras and a liquid-chicken-filled orb that bursts in your mouth like a shanghai dumpling.

Quique Dacosta

Denia, SpainSpain flag
Quique Dacosta is the chef of an eponymous 3-Michelin star restaurant in Dénia, Spain on the Costa Blanca of Valencia. The restaurant ranked 96th in the Elite Traveler World's Top Restaurants Guide 2012. Following the closure of elBulli, Dacosta is one of the new leaders of a... full profile >

Monnie G. nominated Quique and said:

  • Eating at Quique Dacosta's restaurant was a life-changing experience and is definitely on the same level as El Bulli.
  • Their signature dish, Cubalibre de Foie Gras, is a gel made from a reduction of Coca Cola, rum, and lemon peel, which is emulsified with foie gras.
  • Anyone seriously interested in innovative but tasty modernist cuisine should go to Quique Dacosta to experience his conceptual avant-garde dishes.

Adrian Żelazek said:

  • Eating at Quique Dacosta's restaurant was a life-changing experience and is definitely on the same level as El Bulli.

Paco Roncero

Madrid, SpainSpain flag
Master chef and Ferran Adria protégé Paco Roncero is a 2-star Michelin chef known for pioneering modernist cuisine and innovative gastronomy in Madrid. He is the chef at La Terraza del Casino in Madrid, which is co-owned by Ferran Adria. Coming from a family rich in culinar... full profile >

carlos suarez nominated Paco and said:

  • Paco is responsible for introducing molecular gastronomy to Madrid, drawing from his 3-year mentorship with Ferran Adria at El Bulli.
  • His creativity is remarkable, with dishes like gorgonzola mochi, olive oil toothpaste, and asparagus paired with mayonnaise and grapefruit.
  • In terms of skill and knowledge, his technical excellence is masterful. Every dish is executed with perfection.

Rene Redzepi

Copenhagen, DenmarkDenmark flag
Rene Redzepi is a Danish chef and co-owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Noma in the Christianshavn neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark. Rene Redzepi's restaurant Noma was voted the best restaurant in the world for the past 3 years by San Pellegrino Awards, in in 2010, 2... full profile >

richard adams said:

  • Rene Redzepi is the acclaimed chef and owner of restaurant Noma, the reigning title-holder of 'Best Restaurant in the World' for the past three years.
  • Rene Redzepi was trained by the best chefs in the world, notably Ferran Adria at El Bulli and Thomas Keller at The French Laundry.
  • Rene's dishes are fresh and innovative, such as a fried mussel served in an edible seaweed 'shell', live fjord shrimp, and radishes with edible dirt.

Kinga Renata said:

  • His cuisine is mind blowing. Eating in his resteurant is an unforgettable experience which changes our overview on food. Genrous, modest and talented.

Yoshiaki Takazawa

Tokyo, JapanJapan flag
Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa is chef/owner of the exclusive two-table Aronia de Takazawa in Tokyo, Japan. His restaurant has long been one of Tokyo's most intriguing secrets, yet has been recognized as one of the 'World's Top 10 Life-Changing Restaurants' by Food & Wine magazine. Hi... full profile >

Monnie G. nominated Yoshiaki and said:

  • Takazawa creates a full sensory experience with his inventive dishes, such as fish sprinkled with frozen powdered sauce which evokes falling snow.
  • He even customizes his ingredients: the chickens that produce his eggs are fed a diet of night-harvested wine grapes to produce a more flavorful egg.
  • Even the water Takazawa uses to cook with is chosen for it's unique flavor, sourced from a special spring in Oita where my mother was born.