Yoshihiro Narisawa

Yoshihiro Narisawa (成澤由浩) is a Japanese chef and owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Narisawa in Tokyo. His restaurant was vot...
Tokyo, Japan


tony liu said:

  • Narisawa's world famous 'forest bread' rises above a tealight and is then baked tableside in a 300C stone mortar, releasing amazing aromas of maple.
  • He strives for perfection, once working with university professors and chemistry researchers to determine the ideal temperature for cooking red meat.
  • Narisawa was named San Pellegrino's 'Best Restaurant in Asia' and was the first Japanese restaurant to join the 'Worlds 50 Best Restaurants' list.

john loki said:

  • He built a pool below his restaurant to holds the live fish, shrimp, and langoustines that are delivered each morning straight from the fisherman.
  • His dedication to nature is profound, incorporating themes from nature into his dishes like 'earth' and 'sea', and recreating landscapes on the plate.
  • Narisawa's trademark ingredient is sumi, ashes made from carbonized leeks which are cured for 3 days. The ashes have a cleansing effect on the body.