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Who is the best chef in the world? The best chefs from around the world influence the way we cook our food, eat at restaurants, and inspire us to improve our cooking skills, knowledge, and ability. These world class chefs are among the best in the culinary industry, exhibiting great technical command, creativity, presentation, and restaurant business skills. Vote for favorite best chef.

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Miami Beach, FloridaUnited-States flag

Barcelona, Spain

The best chef in the world hands-down is Ferran Adrià from southern Spain. Although he is no longer technically working as a chef, he is still the best. Why?His old restaurant El Bulli was rated t...
Ferran's former restaurant El Bulli was rated the best restaurant in the world four years in a row, with a 3-star Michelin rating

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rene Redzepi is a Danish chef and co-owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Noma in the Christianshavn neighborhood of Copenhagen, Denmark. Rene Redzepi's restaurant Noma was voted the best rest...
Rene Redzepi is the acclaimed chef and owner of restaurant Noma, the reigning title-holder of 'Best Restaurant in the World' for the past three years.

Bray, United Kingdom

owner of the Fat Duck in London, the 2 best restaurant in the world for 4 straight years.
Self-taught chef, rule-breaking, delivering fresh, tasty and unusual experiments

Napa, California

-His restaurant The French Laundry was awarded the best restaurant of the year in 2003 and 2004-He is the only American chef to have 3 Michelin stars simultaneously for 2 restaurants (Per Se and Fr...
His food is approachable, combining traditional French cuisine with 'California Cuisine' which emphasizes fresh organic farm-to-table ingredients

New York, New York

Chef Nate Appleman’s soulful cooking style has garnered local and national praise. As a 2009 James Beard Foundation Award Rising Star Chef winner, Food & Wine 2009 Best New Chef and San Franc...
Nate's butchery background is evidenced by his genuine passion for meat, using ninja knife skills to break down whole animals and use every part.

Washington, District of Columbia

Early in his career, Andrés trained under Ferran Adria at the restaurant El Bulli.Andrés teaches a culinary physics course at Harvard University with Ferran Adrià.In May 2012, Andrés was named ...
His innovations have included everything from caramelizing olive oil to turning potato chips into foam to serving tapas inside of crystal shoes.

Fontvieille, Monaco

Alain Ducasse's restaurants, cooking schools, cookbooks, and consulting activities had revenues of $16 million in 2002. Since that time, Ducasse has been expanding his reach. Alain Ducasse has also...

Shanghai, China

Executive Chef – Lilac Family CuisineStarting his gourmet career from 1996 at the first international five star hotel in Pudong Shanghai, taught by David Yip, Chinese Cooking Master, The French Blue-ribbon Badge, Five-star diamond award. In 2002, he joined Noble House, a top seafood restaurant to be the executive chef. He won 3rd place in 7th international cooking competition. In 2010, cooperate with Gianni D’amato, Italian Michelin 2 star chef and Toni Morwald, Austrian Michelin 1 star c...

Chicago, Illinois

Achatz owns Alinea in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Inside, the restaurant has no bar, no lobby, and seats just 64 guests. Achatz serves diners a small-course tasting menu, running approxima...
He invented radical new ways to prepare present dishes, such as the helium-filled balloon that you eat, inhale the helium then talk like a chipmunk.