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Automotive design is a profession involved in the development of the appearance, and to some extent the ergonomics, of motor vehicles or more specifically road vehicles.

This most commonly refers to automobiles but also refers to motorcycles, trucks, buses, coaches, and vans.

The functional design and development of a modern motor vehicle is typically done by a large team from many different disciplines included in automotive engineers. Automotive design in this context is primarily concerned with developing the visual appearance or aesthetics of the vehicle, though it is also involved in the creation of the product concept.

Automotive design is practiced by designers who usually have an art background and a degree in industrial design or transportation design.

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Sarajevo, Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia-And-Herzegovina flag

Woking, United Kingdom

Frank designed BMW X5, Ferrari FXX, Maserati MC12, Ferrari F430, and Fiat 500. Franks famous design is 2001 Mini. At McLaren, Stephenson supervised the final stages of the MP4-12C's development and...
Frank has an amazing way of integrating design of cars with nature. He has a very real special talent.

Munich, Germany

As head of group design he oversees the design work of BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce.
Walter Maria de'Silva is responsible for oversight on the design of all Volkswagen Group passenger car brands including Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Škoda as well as Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti.
Creative Man,and passionate about Designing. I mean Amazing designs he created... Hatss off!

Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

J Mays, just retired after a 33-year career in the automotive design industry — a career that included prominent stints at BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi before landing at the Dearborn, Michigan-based car company in 1997. Volkswagen's Concept One — the design study that ultimately led to the Beetle's return — vaulted him to the elite ranks of a tight-knit business dominated by big personalities. It also set him up to take the creative reins at Ford, where he led the staff that produced a rev...

Frankfurt, Germany

Peter Schreyer is a German automobile designer widely known for his design contributions to the Audi TT.In 2006, Car Design News called the Audi TT one of "the most influential automotive design in recent time” earning Schreyer the “Man of the Year 2012” title by Automobile Magazine.