Sandra Holl

Sandra Holl is a pastry chef and owner of Floriole patisserie in Chicago with her husband Mathieu Holl. Sandra Holl was trained in San Franc...
Chicago, Illinois


Sarah Elliott said:

  • Sandra Holl's macarons are flawlessly light, airy, and full of delicate flavor--leagues beyond usual sugary versions.
  • Her macaron flavors include caramel-apple, chocolate-orange, and pear-ginger, while the exceptional plain vanilla should be savored in tiny bites.
  • Sandra Holl's macaron was voted the #4 Best Macaron in Chicago by seriouseats and her bakery, Floriole, was named Chicago's Best Bakery.

Julia Evans said:

  • Real, local, pure and fine quality ingredients
  • Thoughtful, sincere, and authentic presentation with an emphasis on tying everything in the cafe/restaurant together
  • She's humble and honest. Rare qualities for a chef of her caliber!

Suzanne Ko said:

  • Love, love Sandra's macarons! She creates the most unique flavor combinations!
  • The texture of her macarons is amazingly light.
  • One of the best Chicago pastry chefs!

Linda Kissler said:

  • I have been the happy recipient of Sandra's macaroons since before the opening of the Cafe. Nothing can compete!! Try them you will know.
  • They are the perfect crunch with superb filling! No soggy layers!
  • Personality plus!! She is well loved by her customers, employees and family! A great spirit everyday!