Randolf Arriola

Born and raised in Singapore, Randolf is a self-taught veteran musician with over 20 years of live performance experience. He specialises in...
Singapore, Singapore


Wafiq Giotama said:

  • He can play loop smoothly
  • He is able to use his pedals in the right part of his songs.
  • Great performance!

Yoke Yuana said:

  • Creative
  • Original
  • Talented

Thierry Dalleau said:

  • Inspirationnal and creative in the whole process, musically and technically

Duke Sexton said:

  • A brilliant Live Looper and improvisor, Randolf's craft is uniquely honed as he spontaneously weaves together compositions to make them his own.

Sjanies van Zwienen said:

  • Randolfs shows are always fun to watch because you never know whats coming. Always finds a way to surprise me when I catch him playing.