Philippe Andrieu

Philippe Andrieu is a pastry chef from Souillac, France, known for his years spent as the pastry chef at Patisserie Laduree in Paris. Philip...
Bordeaux, France


Monnie G. said:

  • Andrieu started a global macaron movement when his book, 'Laduree Sucre', revealed the secret recipe of the original macaron for the first time ever.
  • Andrieu was pastry chef for 14 years at Patisserie Laduree, the inventor of the macaron and the most well known producers of macarons in the world.
  • Andrieu was the chef de partie at the three-Michelin starred restaurant Bras under celebrated avant-garde chef Michel Bras.

Frank Daniels said:

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  • His macaron's are perfect. They are all uniform with perfect feet and no cracks.