Ferran Adria

Ferran Adrià began his culinary career in 1980 during his stint as a dishwasher at the Hotel Playafels, in the town of Castelldefels. The c...
Barcelona, Spain


ceco said:

  • Ferran's former restaurant El Bulli was rated the best restaurant in the world four years in a row, with a 3-star Michelin rating
  • He has made the biggest contribution to molecular gastronomy today, spawning some of the most innovative dishes in the world.
  • He can turn asparagus into bread and almonds into cheese, Ferran doesn't just feed you, he gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

alejandro torres said:

  • El Bulli closed 6 months each year to develop new dishes in a lab which included a chemist. One year, 4000 tests were run, with only 300 succeeding.
  • He spent 3 years perfecting what he coined spherification, a molecular process where fluid is encased in a sphere-recreating an olive from its juice.
  • Joel Robuchon named Ferran Adria the 'Best Chef in the World', and is listed on Time magazine's '100 most influential personalities on the planet'.

Kiki Muñoz said:

  • He has raised cuisine to another dimension.
  • Searching,experimenting
  • He's not a prima donna,team player

Juan Vega said:

  • The legacy He has created in modern cuisine
  • The inspiration He has caused in a new generations of chefs
  • The passion that he has transmitted into the cooking art

Henrique de Mattos said:

  • Experience
  • Unique skills
  • Knwoledge

Aleksandro GutiérrezTorrano said:

  • Ferran
  • Is
  • Incredible

Laura Mena said:

  • It has changed the cousine
  • Most of the other chefs followed him
  • He is still innovating

Agostinho Faria said:

  • Simple the best
  • A true passion
  • Endless

Functional Trendfood said:

  • Hace tiene una mente clara
  • Es increblemente disciplinado
  • Que combina la creatividad y perfeccionismo absoluto

Yinka Hashim said:

  • Ferran has been the inspiring force for most of today's chefs.

Paula Camelia Tampau said:

  • Is very good
  • . spanish
  • . the one

Nizal Tuladhar said:

  • Simply he is the best

Sasa James said:

  • The GOD

Mathieu Weizman said:

  • He is the best creative chef.

Giannis Nousias said:

  • The best

Allison Undique said:

  • Ferran's commitment is to food and flavor that might also be fantastical, as opposed to the others whose highest priority seems to dazzling display.

Fascialtda Fascialtda said:

  • He is the best

Daler Singh said:

  • He's the worldwide ''Papa'' of cuisine!