Eugenia Theodosopoulos

After graduating with a BA in Art History from Syracuse University, Eugenia Theodosopoulos moved to Paris so that she could learn to speak F...
Tempe, Arizona


Tracey robinson said:

  • She perfected her macaron technique at the famed Ecole Lenotre in Paris, reflected in her technically flawless macarons with gorgeously-piped fillings
  • Her macaron and bakery won the "Best of Phoenix" award within the first nine months of being in business.
  • Her macaron fillings are intensely flavorful, for instance, the strawberry contains fresh strawberries, strawberry buttercream, and strawberry jam.

Cheryl Graf said:

  • Chef Eugenia's Parisian Macaroons are the Best ever! They are Perfect in every way!

Kate Buckner said:

  • Eugenia's macarons are to-die-for!

Travis Buckner said:

  • Eugenia's macarons are packed with an amazing amount of flavor.