Dub FX (real name Benjamin Stanford) is a worldwide street performer and studio recording artist from St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. After ...
Melbourne, Australia


Deevie van Voorthuizen said:

  • He is my example, he traveled the world and saw everything.
  • He is a beautiful human being, he got the right atitude.
  • He wants to make this world a better place without asking money for it

Igor Sarkanovic said:

  • Lyrics - nice
  • In the pitch
  • Nice music estethics

Tolga Yalkin said:

  • He is best. That's all.

Ronald Wintersteiner said:

  • He made live looping quite popular in the last years
  • He has a unique style & sound
  • He is a very self-critical and grounded person who still prefers busking to big stages