DJ Berlin

Belgin Ugursu, aka DJ Berlin, Boss Loop Contest Second place in 2012 . Currently she lives in New York City. She has been looping for 6 year...
New York, New York


Tolgahan Vod said:

  • Best Dj Berlin

Bircan Caglar said:

  • There is no need to explain why. just listen her once then you' ll know

Özkan Utkucu said:

  • She is the best
  • That the creator
  • That it is the most beautiful women

Uğur Ural said:

  • 150

Barış İşyar said:

  • Amazing performance

Emine Dursun said:

  • Because, she's the first person who get achieved world wide loop artist in Turkey.
  • It's not easy to being a first, her country may proud of her.
  • Saw her 4 the first time in a tv show which is the best in Turkey, she played, i never heard that kind of music before, like most of Turkish people.

Murat Ceylan said:

  • Byb belgin number one!

Mehmet Çokbilgi said:

  • DJ Berlin

Ayhan Sayıner said:

  • Talent & Knowledge

Alpertunga Bayram said:

  • Azmine ve inancina guveniyorum. ideallerinin pesinden kosan kac kisi var senin gibi. Devam. Basarilar.

Caner Erentürk said:

  • I think She is probably the best live loop artist I've seen

Deniz Gür said:

  • Best DJ

Sinan Kök said:

  • She had a huge pedalboard!

Emrah Hürkan said:

  • N1!

Sevim Er said:

  • Muzikte ayaklarini kullanimi ve kiyafetleri
  • Ekledigi dogal seslerle basarl muzigi
  • Tek basina sahne yonetimi, iZLE GOR, OY VER

Bilge Miraç Atıcı said:

  • Best Looping

Hediye Soydemir said:

  • She is the best

Barış Atmaca said:

  • She's very talented and i like Berlin's style.

Gross Agressive said:

  • She is gifted
  • She is talentful
  • She deserve to be number one

Fluidum Letale said:

  • :))

TC Öcüyüm Öcüyüm said:

  • Very very good setup saund msical performans

Sibel Akyüz said:

  • I've been following Berlin since my friend brought me to one of her concerts. That's when I met live looping. I was smitten with her talent.
  • At first I didn't understand what was going on between the pedals and her feet but then I realized that she is doing the whole thing by herself.
  • I've been following her since then. I believe she will be at the top as she deserves.

Mehmet Bozan said:

  • She is the best loop artist of the World.

Berkay Gurel said:

  • Clean and cool
  • Soft and melodic
  • Continue

Bora Çıkıkçıoğlu said:

  • Watched her a few times live, and she's a great loop artist!

Mirvad Zenuni said:

  • --
  • -----

Uğur Ural said:

  • 100

Uğur Ural said:

  • 100